Chosen People My Ass


Bill DeBlasio couldn’t believe his eyes. A group of Hasidic Jews mourned a rabbi in the streets of Brooklyn, covering their faces like any good Muslim housewife would do or else dramatically lessen the probability of hiding the shiner infringe upon her scurrying eyes whenever his property is allowed outside the house to stand on line for the Hallall Guys Truck when the coast is clear again.

“The Jewish community is one that I love”, Bill DeBlasio says. Then, why would you devalue the Holocaust by comparing Trump to Hitler? Trump’s Hitler in what, Inglorious Bastards 2? Get a grip putz breath, sequels never live up to the original.

DeBlasio has no regrets for singling out the Jews for showing their respect to a religious scholar, who didn’t rape, torture and murder in the name of you know who, unlike the piece of shit, number 2 in command of ISIS, just immortalized in the Washington Post as a religious scholar. And Judd Apatow is the Chief Happiness Officer for Breitbart. Religious scholar, actually he was a virgin selling con artist loser, who couldn’t get sucked off in a Chicago bathhouse for Arafat appreciation month.

Michael Kornbluth


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