The Sun Hog God

Once upon a time there was a Greek God named Feta Foot.


Every day Feta Foot ran toward the sun to maintain his golden hue.


One day, Feta Foot got 3rd degree burns, after Zeus removed his sun burn blocking powers because Aphrodite complained about him hogging up all the sun for himself.


Because of that Feta Foot didn’t leave his beach house until winter.


Because of that Feta Foot uses his time at home to write a Greek comedy about an Albino God who falls in love with getting laughs from Lady Laugh Muse because he can no longer rely on his tan good looks to impress all the pretty Greek Nymphs in town.


Until finally, Poseidon grants Feta Foot an all expense paid booze cruise around the Mediterranean, including all the Grappa you can you drink, if he promises to wear at least SPF 50 on the ship, or else he’ll catch fire since Zeus removed his all mighty shield protecting skin from killer sunburn for good.


The End

Michael Kornbluth

P.S My 6 year old son Art Show USA was my creative consultant

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