Hate Thyself Honky

Riots are the American way. Wrong, they’re the Canadian way, when Axl cancels shows prematurely or when Patrick Roy fails to catch the new head of ISIS cross the border, with no questions asked.


Bill Murray’s kid got arrested in Martha’s Vineyard this weekend for spiting on an officer and throwing a brick at a cop car during another peaceful protest in Obama Be Good Country. The sad part is the alleged peaceful, all loving side is crazed with self-hate for being such dumb fuck morons for thinking Hillary Hammer Time Cankles was going to beat Trump. Because of that, Bill Murray’s son wouldn’t change jack shit in some serially unfunny remake of Ground Hog’s Day by Judd Apatow, especially after Trump wins again by a patriot man landslide in 2020. You dug your own grave and baby boomer arrogance never dies, sorry.


Craft Brewers are releasing a new beer to support racial equality. I think they’re calling it, Kill Fat White Hipsters With a Colt 45.   Actually, one of these beers is an imperial stout named, Black is Beautiful, not, Kerry Washington Is Overrated.


I’m all for creating grant programs for black Americans to attend accelerated coding school at places such as General Assembly in Manhattan. I’m also for creating more Charter Schools to provide access to a quality, college prep ready schools throughout the urban ghettos of America for kids who don’t have much shots of getting out alive with bright career prospects otherwise. But for the beer industry or big tech now act so concerned with launching paid fellowships of any kind or even intern programs with stipends for black men in America comes off more belabored and last minute than Michael Jordan pledging his commitment to support job training opportunities in the name of systematic racism, when he couldn’t be bothered during the crack epidemic to lend a helping hand because he was too busy trying to choke out Steve Kerr’s white privilege in practice.


All Lives matters misses the message and you’re the racist for insisting otherwise. Fine, I’ll just bow down to Charlemagne Tha God, despite worshiping false idols being a big no, no, in the Old Testament. Instead, I’ll teach my white devil spawn to hate their mole infested, pale, white complexions but love thy neighbors no matter how many times another domestic disturbance arises, requiring the cops to instill much needed civility and calm order, again and again, despite one of those neighbors busting my balls for clanking a couple of jumpers off our basketball hoop, on our property too loudly for his taste.


Why is it racist to be against riots, looting and killing innocent Americans in name of so-called social righting justice? The true definition of a racist is an arrogant narcissist, who believes their superior in all spheres of all life, who acts like everyone who disagrees with their world view is not only below their contempt but deserving of career ruin and untimely death to solidify their confirmation bias. If this doesn’t describe what the radical left controlled big tech, old media, Hollywood and all of its fascist, Little Hitler youth disciple followers are, I don’t know what it is.

If you’re white, tell your kids, do the right thing and tell them only Spike Lee’s opinion matters, despite him absolving a BLM member killing 5 officers in Dallas and only portraying Jews in his films as either pussy pushovers or predatory, parasites who live to exploit Paul Mooney’s inflated sense of self for all it’s worth.

Drew Bree’s says, taking the knee was the right thing. Sure, if you don’t care about shitting on all the men of color, namely black men who were drafted to fight in Vietnam while Ali refused to serve as he stated, “No Vietcong, ever tired to kill me. And they knew my name everywhere man, even on the fake news planet Pluto.”


What does systematic racism even mean? Either you’re good enough for the job or not. You think Rocky would’ve been a legendary film if Carl Weather’s didn’t earn it? And Stallone just gave the role of a lifetime away to Bobby Seal of the Black Panthers despite him refusing to take off his leather jacket for the entire shooting of the picture.


Obama says, “Hope is a hammer to break glass.” Who wrote that line for Obama, the new Ben Rhodes of ANTIFA?


Romney marching in solidarity with BLM is nice. Was Karl Malone in attendance or did the severe lack of social distancing drive Mr. Virus-Phobe away to keep on trucking?

Jeff Bezos scolding an Amazon customer for saying, “All lives matter.” Go buy Paula Dean books and new clothing cooking line at Wallmart hick. What’s Paula’s  new cooking clothing line called, anyway, Plantation Nation?

If Jeff Bezos cares so much about supporting Black Lives Matter, then why not change the name of Alexa to Monique and make her less sound like a less dronish Scarlett Johansson between estrogen throat blocker treatments.


Celtics great Bill Russell says, “Trump is a coward”, for not taking a knee. Actually, giving into the lynch mob online or off for sake of appeasing the fake news narrative of systematic racism and all cops being the personification of Suge Knight would be the more pussy, limp wristed move if you ask me champ. But I’m sure rewarding Bob Cousy and Jerry West with the presidential Medal of Freedom didn’t bother you one bit, knowing Obama couldn’t have done the same but blew it.

Black Panther star Michael Jordan, demands Hollywood commit to more black hiring. Dude, you starred in Creed, the hip-hop Rocky and made bank. And you were great in it, so don’t you have a production holding deal with MGM where you can afford to hook up your brothers and sisters with juicer part to play, besides mediocre hip artists playing themselves on screen, I don’t get it.

Hollywood needs to commit to more black hiring and give the Oscar to someone not just playing a monstrous, welfare mom or for a Showtime after Dark sex scene with Billy Bob in uniform, I agree. Hate thyself Honky, hate yourself.


Michael Kornbluth



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