Not My President, David Stern

I haven’t watched an NBA game since the Knicks traded KP for a box of cotton candy because he’s guilty of black supremacist depreciation. Still, the NBA on NBC would be must see TV for me again, if they bought back the broadcast rights from ESPN and allowed these social justice messages on the NBA Jersey’s instead like:  Fuck Palestine, Guaranteed Money Is Really Oppressive, Planned Parenthood Isn’t My Forte, Farrakhan For President, Me To, In Popovich We Trust, Steve Kerr Is Alright, Lock Hammer Time Cankles Up, Obama Be Meh, Educating Myself On Hitler, Hands Up On Defense, Imagine MJ Choking, I Love My Jewish Agent More Than My Absentee Father,  Defund French Lick’s White Man’s Disease Institute for Higher Hopping, Private Catholic High School Scholarships Rule,  Hate Speech Is Pro Trump Trash Talk, Charter Schools Are Life Lines For Poor Urkel’s, Yuan Paper Matters, Obama Ruined Everything, Not My President, David Stern.


Michael Kornbluth



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