Educating Myself On Hitler

After posting Hitler said quotes on Instagram, the Eagles penalized DeSean Jackson by sentencing him to a Zoom call with a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor but only with Public Enemy’s Fear of Black Of Planet playing on his laptop on mute.

I love the Jews. I’m not anti-Semitic means, you don’t care for Woody’s earlier work either.

I don’t care how much you claim the need to educate yourself. Sharing a Hitler quote on Instagram shows your Jew hate has zero filter online or off.

I don’t know what’s worse. DeSean Jackson sharing a Hitler said quote on Instagram, with no major repercussion or ex-NBA player Stephen Jackson flocking to his defense, claiming, “He was only educating us on the truth.” The truth being, rich bitch pro athletes being immune from being charged as black supremacists guilty of reverse racism?  Oh no he didn’t, yes I did.

Hey DeSean Jackson, you really want to uplift the black community, and shed some positive light? Then, tell your BLM brothers to stop resisting arrest or else risk getting taken out Ronnie Lott style, if you ever dared to run a post pattern across the middle against the 49ers at Candlestick back in the day.

Your race doesn’t know pain. Stop comparing the Holocaust to slavery. Only 600,000 Americans died in the fight to end slavery. Only 4 million Jews got gassed, burned and executed before FDR was shamed enough to get America involved after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. So don’t get your facts twisted. You best educate yourself or Stephen Jackson will for you.

The Hitler said quote, that DeSean Jackson shared on Instagram about the Black Hebrews being the real children of Israel, wasn’t an exact quote from Hitler after all. What a relief, for a moment, I thought DeSean Jackson was just stealing Paul Mooney’s material.


Stephen Jackson learned how to lead from Farrakhan. Demonizing the Rothschild’s for refusing to deny him a business loan for a Terminator X Pest Control business, once named Terminate Goldstein and Partners, on the grounds of, his hefty, monthly child support payments compounded by the fact, how Stephen Jackson’s rookie card is worth less than Sarah Silverman’s takes on wearing black face in the name of social righting justice on Twitter.

Reserve the energy for injustice, done to the black community in America. OK Stephen Jackson, so you want me to track down every runaway black father in America and urge him to give mensch-hood a chance?

But DeSean Jackson doesn’t hate anybody, only Jewish Chinese scientists who designed the Wuhan virus to kill off all the Crips in South Central, if the vape pens made in China didn’t get the job done already.


If I ever got hired to work in corporate America again, and I get fired for jerking off in the bathroom, as security yanks me out of the bathroom stall by my legs, humming, “You don’t come around here no more.” I’m going to say in my defense, “I was educating myself, on the concept of work hard, play harder. “


If DeSean Jackson wants to uplift his culture and shine a positive light on it, then discourage BLM from painting Free Palestine on Synagogues knowing you’re supporting terrorists in charge, who use UN money to dig underground tunnels to kidnap and murder Jewish babies for starters. Phrase it like, imagine if the UN gave money to Planned Parenthood, to abort black babies out of the womb for 3 years after the 3rd trimester.


Also, if black children are the children of Israel, then why didn’t Hitler tell Olympic hopeful, Henrich Himmler to crush Jesse Owen’s in the 100-meter dash in Berlin like a cockroach resistor during Kristallnacht?


But why hasn’t any notable Jewish celebrity spoken out against DeSean Jackson’s Hitler said, quotes on Instagram, who are normally quite mouthy about accusing still your President Trump as the new Hitler? Because Obama ruined everything and made everything about race again instead of actual talent. Just look at the love fawned over Michelle Obama during her book tour for Christ sake. She wrote the book Reach Higher. Bill Maher just got a stiffy, whoopty- freaking- do.  Will Michelle Obama help Biden restore the dormant hope of civility in the White House again? What’s going to be Michelle Obama’s campaign slogan, if Biden bequeaths the Democratic nominee to Michelle in the name of systematic racism? Let me guess, “Obama’s Five O Clock Shadow Part 2.” Joan lives.

Am I the only self-loving New Yorker comedian left on the planet?  DeSean Jackson shares a Hitler said quote on Instagram and Jackie Mason is ho hum indifferent for a change? Weird weak Howard won’t even tell DeSean Jackson to go woke himself? Seinfeld is whatever Jappy about it.   What if one of Seinfeld’s cherished Met’s player of old like Kevin Mitchell posted a Hitler said quote on Instagram? Would he remain quiet, because Kevin Mitchell is more menacing looking than DeSean Jackson, regardless of him flashing Crips gang signs in the end-zone or not? Not that social media existed pre-fake news, nor did Kevin Mitchell do anything to hurt the Jews, outside of making Brad Luria from Syosset, regret drafting him so high in the fantasy league draft after his power surge numbers shrunk more than his nuts during the summer steroid drought of 89. Still, would Seinfeld call into WFAN to discuss the issue of Kevin Mitchell sharing Hitler said quotes on social media with Steve Sommers, and say, “I always thought Hitler said quotes were a no go area Steve, unless, you’re a prominent rapper who sucks of Farrakhan because Jerry Heller made sure NWA never made a penny without Easy E getting his slimy, Jheri Curl activator all over it first. Also, if you’re going to post a fake news quote about Hitler, at least try to make it funny Schmooze. For example, “Obama’s the one who loves Hitler. He wishes he was that organized. Exterminating all his critics at Fox News, who bashed his nuke timeout deal with Iran would be a gas.”

Seth Rogan hasn’t weighed in on DeSean Jackson posting a Hitler says quote yet? Oh, that’s right, Seth Rogan tweeted Black Lives Mater, so he’s bought himself homeowner insurance, until he starts hooking up D.L Hughley with a speaking part as a reformed gang banger turned ANTIFA color commentator for hire.


Michel Kornbluth





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