Triggering Fake Feminists With Ivanka

The best way to diagnose Trump Derangement Syndrome among woman, is to let them finish their Trump is the Anti-Christ rant, with, “Ivanka 2020 bitches.” Then ask, “You wouldn’t be excited if America elected the 1st Jewish female president ever? That’s what I thought Samantha Bee. But Ivanka is the fake new feminist, not you? I don’t know how you live with yourself, you miserable, feckless cunt.”
But if you’re feeling particularly feisty afterwards, feel free to add, “Trump’s the Anti-Christ. But in the Bible part 2, Jesus returns from Heaven to defeat him. So have some faith in the Jesus comeback story, won’t you people? Oh, yeah, you’re more religious than me because you’re not married to religious dogma and outdated commandments that predate the birth of Capitalism like thou shall not kill 3rd trimester babies and sell their fetal tissue to enrich abortion for profit giants like Planned Parenthood, got it. ”

Michael Kornbluth

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