Defending The Fake News Catholic

Jiff Gaffigan trying to defend Joe Biden’s honor is adorable. Would Mr. ironic detachment still act so nonchalant boorish if such an upstanding Catholic by name only, sniffed his daughter’s hair on the hunt for Easter Eggs in the White House Garden to? Know your lane Jimbo, and stick to being an edgeless, wannabe city slicker hick from Indiana. Jared Kushner helped spearhead a peace treaty between Israel and The Unite Arab of Emirates. Doesn’t your wife write half your jokes? What did you do this year? Write another book of essays about how your kids never give you enough time to sample more jokes on your wife, that she’s punching up for you in the 1st place anyway.

Trump’s a con man, Trump’s a rapist. What does Bill Cosby’s family friendly dentist drilling material of yesteryear have to do with it? There’s no such thing as Trump Derangement Syndrome? Anyone who believes in the Deep State is a racist, dumb rube? And Joan Rivers thought you were jealous inducing funny. Have you seen John Podesta’s pedo art installation exhibit under Google Images? It’s enough to make Marilyn Manson blush, you puppet pawn, blubbery bitch, who can’t deal with Trump coming up with nicknames funnier than any bit you ever did on lobster bug meat. No wonder the world will always remember you as the substantive free, hack comic for hire.

Michael Kornbluth

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