Springsteen on Qantas

Bruce Springsteen told Rolling Stone he’d move to Australia if President Trump beats little girl hair sniffer. But doesn’t the Boss realize Australia is in the midst of it’s 1st recession in 30 years? So a dashing looking millennial couple in Melbourne spending 500 bucks to see Bruce perform She’s The One loses it’s oomph, knowing he campaigned for Hillary Hammer Time Cankles satanic past, which proved baby boomer mom doesn’t know best.

I think Bruce Springsteen hates President Trump because he feels like a smaller big boss man in comparison. Plus, it kills him knowing President Trump is more beloved throughout the heartland than he was during his Nebraska album tour.

I love most of Bruce Springsteen’s music, especially the live version of Land of Hopes and Dreams at the MSG. But it’s hard to embrace the music from the same man who thinks President Biden will show China whose boss since China has resisted Corona investigations more than Aquafresh.

Also, doesn’t Bruce Springsteen realize Australia isn’t into open borders for anybody interested in taking dip within the land down under? I’m married to Green Card holding Aussie who was born in Brisbane, Australia, so I can move my family of 5 to Australia whenever I want, unlike the East Street bar band crooner cracker from Jersey. What, Bruce Springsteen dressed like a wannabe blue collar cracker on the cover of his Born In The USA album.

I don’t think Australia will take in Bruce. When I visited Australia during my honeymoon, I got pissed because most of the men were either close to my height or better looking than me, so Bruce’s overall appeal is severely limited there, knowing he barely clears John Stewart’s goat tee.

After I got my TV writing break with VH1 Classic, I made my producer a Bruce Mix, stating, “This doesn’t mean I have a crush on you boss.” The same applies to the man who wrote New York Serenade and Thunder Road. Infatuation with rock legends who can’t recognize real deal patriotic might or tell Rolling Stone to go woke itself in the midst of blatant coup to usurp the will of the American people are so off the list. Because unlike Pearl Jam, Green Day, Snoop, Eminem, Bob Seager and The Silver Bullet Band, this Trump Train was bound for everlasting glory.

Have fun riding your motorcycle in Australia Bruce. Jim Jefferies can interview you through zoom about QAnon and ask you about Hillary’s former campaign manager John Podesta’s pedo installation art work at his campaign headquarters home, which is enough to make Marilyn Manson blush.

Michael Kornbluth

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