Deconstructing Shishy Bitch Tuna Melts

Tuna Melts don’t have to taste like Woody Allen in Junior High. After Woody sucked face with the Chicken of the Sea can, to see what going down on a cat lady on the Upper West Side tasted like, before he scored his TV writing break on the Show of Shows with Sid Caesar and could afford to acquire the taste of Pinkalicious Ahi Tuna Sashimi.

Good tuna doesn’t stink. Of course the Italian canned kind tastes so much more, sultry better. Good tuna doesn’t stink because it’s not your mom’s lazy day lunch.  And what’s better than bomb spicy tuna rolls? You don’t even give a shit that the spicy tuna roll is derided as Americanized Sushi one bit either. My ex-girlfriend from Westwood, CA took me to a family haunt Sushi place on Pico Blvd, which was managed by a Sushi Chef who always played Bob Marely and his spicy Tuna Rolls were high art like the Songs Of Freedom boxset for Bob Marley, it has acoustic medley on it, which is impossible to find anywhere else, and the accompanying, shim shaggy, Hurting Inside makes feel like I’m 21 again, it was a better than average year.

I also melted my daughter’s heart with my Tuna Melt Love Supreme for lunch today. She didn’t smell anything funky like when she asks, “Daddy, why does it smell funny downstairs?” Daughter adds, “Where did you go? You felt gone for an exceptionally long time this time around.”  Understand, this wasn’t my 1st Tuna Melt melding creation done good.  I hated the smell of my mom’s Bumble Bee tuna growing up. It’s like the woman has literally been pushing me toward homosexuality ever since I popped out of hêr womb. When I used to live in Sherman Oaks, CA, I got a freaking panini grill at the Grove in West Hollywood, best movie theatre there ever, saw Kill Bill there once and the entire audience started clapping in unified awe once the credits started rolling, in LA woman loving unison as the surging sparks of homage toward Gen X’s most prominent writer director auteur propelled the love beam wave to keep on rising, rising.

So, I got this cookbook at Barnes and Noble at the Grove also from famed cook Nancy Silverton who owns La Brea bakery, which I used their baguettes for bomb Boarshead roast beef made cheesesteaks with chopped, sautéed onions and green peppers to, white American cheese always being the best. In Nancy Silverton’s book, she has a recipe for the shishy bitch Tuna Melts of all Tuna Melts, which uses sushi grade, Ahi Tuna poached in olive oil and bunch of fancy dried herbs, with a homemade Remoulade, a mayo, pickle juice, spiced up New Orleans on my mind concoction and English cheddar, which I hate to admit is more musky chesty, than the strongest Vermont cheddar has to offer.  

Today, I’m not splurging or schlepping to Stew Leonard’s for Ahi Tuna, when the future of our republic will be sealed by hump day this week. So, I made a tuna melt with the previously professed into Italian tinned kind, with sweet, dice up nice red peppers, also sautéed with peeled shavings of garlic, red onion, fresh shredded shards of carrots, topped off with semi-thick slice offs of crunchy green Jalapeno and melted Vermont Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar, with some homemade Remoulade thrown into the mix to keep the Tuna spreadage moist in the middle, on top of diced, roasted, fresh juice essence spewing cherry tomatoes with some  olive oiled bathed sliced up nice Avocado on top. Yeah, my daughter better fucking love my Tuna Melt Supreme. It’s like saying, alright, to seeing, Dice at MSG ever.  I forgot, butter fried up Rye bread or Peasant Bread, humble sounding sourdough, takes this Tuna Melt Supreme so much higher, into electric shishy bitch, Jewish soul land.

Shishy bitch Tuna Melts can be the eliminator of a lonely heart because Tuna out of a can doesn’t have to be depressing, or another ho hum album addition to your Lonely Tuna Heart’s Band. I melted my daughter’s apprehensive heart from taking the deep dive into Tuna Melt land and you can to.

Michael Kornbluth

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