The F You Pizza Bagel Supreme

I’ve never outgrown my love of hair metal or temptation to try any pizza bagel; regardless of it conjuring memories of icky frost burn or blue balls on the slow dance floor at Bar Mitzvah parties back in the day before dick picks became the death of small talk. I strongly recommend making your own Pizza Bagels, assuming you live in New York and have access to bomb sesame bagels, flush with endless crackle crunch and doughy lightness greatness within, versus the cardboard coated, Einstein Bagels, which suffer from extreme shrinkage problems, tasting like synthetic, mass produced, carbs for older than dirt Jews in Florida who are more fixated with getting their cream cheese fix by any means necessary, assuming they have fuck up kids, who can’t even handle airmailing them smoked salmon and bagels from Russ and Daughter’s for special occasions instead. 

Bagels are a source of pride for native New Yorkers like 24-hour Greek diners, 4 am last calls or the old school Yankee Stadium, before the new one was built, otherwise known as The House That Gentrification Built. I still don’t understand why other states outside of NY and New Jersey suck at making bagels so much. The other day, I’m in a riffing mood, so nothing new, and go on a mini rant about a new double IPA offering by Stone Brewing from San Diego with my local beer guy at Decicco’s nearby is Sommers, NY and say, ” That new double IPA tall boy from Stone, for 3 bucks a pop is an incredible deal for a double IPA, which tastes so damn mineral fresh rich. I’m convinced San Diego has access to some special reserve water stream, that gives the f you to New York state’s highly hailed natural tap water reservoirs, which cascade all the way down from the Catskills Mountains and gorges from Ithaca, NY, my old school stomping ground when I attended Ithaca College, otherwise known as Cornell’s, retarded next door neighbor. But I was in the much-hyped Roy H. Park School Of Communications, so I could take a couple of bingers back in the day and manage not to stutter every other 2 seconds.”  

It’s especially hard to bite your tongue whenever your English mother-in-law from Manchester, relocated to Greenville, Delaware in Biden country, who had to share a bucket growing up for number 2’s, goes off, on the alleged superior, more compact bagels of England. Sure, the brits make better bagels than Italians, Jews and illegal Mexicans in NY, who will mostly likely die on the job, in fucking triple masked masks, uttering, “No more whole wheat everything bagels. Choke on a calzone Cuomo, you Punta bitch,” the end.

Now every town doesn’t have access to cured, delectable, fishy free neutralizing, deep orange hued sliced slivers of nova salmon made to be paired with a toasted sesame bagel on top of a fairly medium, homemade cream cheese smear, the way constellations of moles belong on uppity, English wenches residing in Chelsea and beyond. So, what can you do to spice up a bagel to outshine a homemade pizza bagel using your own homemade spiced up Rao’s tomato sauce, interspersed with loads of sliced off garlic and pulverized, always juicy fresh, cooked down San Marzano tomatoes, which make you proud to be on a friendly 1st name basis with most pizza maker Italian Americans? Easy, make your homemade salsa, with cherry tomatoes, 3 substantial Jalapenos, a mini me handful of fresh cilantro leaves, a crescent moon size of red onion, a bulb of garlic, thrown into the Cuisinart mixer for 4 swirl rips or more, and you’re already more than halfway there to the promised F You Pizza Bagel Supreme Land.

The last step is shredding some cheddar, New York made is fine to, which adds assertive, musky heft while pairing beautifully with the sweet yet warming, springy fresh salsa, prompting your kids to murmur while still chewing with mouths half full, “This is a delicious daddy, but give me more salsa next time and be funnier than Weird Al before my birthday or I’ll kill you with our sharpest knife for real this time.”  

The Mexican Jew Boy Bagel Supreme is so good, even ANTIFA would cater a Shiva with them for a killed ICE agent on Presidents Day, in Boca Raton, with you know who in town, passing through.

Michael Kornbluth

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