Resisting Your Vaccination Hype

How did Meghan Markle try to kill herself again? Harry doesn’t shave. Guns in London only exist in Guy Ritchie films. And jumping off London Bridge wouldn’t cause a splash, because she’s less popular than John Cleese’s takes on cancel culture on the View after Piers Morgan dared to call Meghan Markle a lying royal pain in the ass. Who’s just trying to drum up empathy for being the less talented Beyonce sister, during bi-racial appreciation month.

Cuomo writing a book about leadership is like Hitler writing a book about anger management. Hillary getting paid to give a speech at a Cyber Security Summit. R Kelly getting to babysit the next Kardashian out of the womb or Kevin Durant getting tapped by the NBA to lead an online virtual summit on how to tune out cyberbullying.

In related news, the Mario Cuomo Bridge has structural deficiencies like the Italian Reptilian’s inability to get it up around Blanch from the Golden Girls, unless she squeezes his nipple piercings extra hard 1st.

New reports say Governor Cuomo concealed defects in the Mario Cuomo Bridge after it opened, similar to the CDC destroying footage of Wuhan Scientists feeding Gremlins bats with COVID after midnight.

Why is getting COVID vaccinations such exciting news? New York City is deader than Yiddish. Miracle Mile in Chicago has lost it’s magnetic feeling. Venice Beach looks like Grand Central in the 70’s, sponsored by REI. Meghan Markle is talking about running for President since Michelle Obama passed down her Strapon the way Apollo gave Rocky his trunks after giving him the Eye Of The Tiger. The DOJ has granted ANTIFA diplomatic immunity. Our top military brass get’s triggered by a Fox News host, sporting Vineyard Vines briefs. Big Tech will put you on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for for talking shit about the complicit, lying, drunk with power, insanely arrogant, highly intolerant, reverse racist left, responsible for killing off the veneer of fair elections ever existing again. Our kids will be forced to wear masks at school for the indefinite future like Michael Jackson’s adopted ones on holiday in Bahrain, regardless if they’ve been vaccinated with Magic Johnson’s secret stash or not. So what difference does it make? Hillary Hammer Time Cankles lives, holla, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

3 thoughts on “Resisting Your Vaccination Hype

      1. I thought it was spot on and great observations. Ricky Gervais would be proud of that. I’m more at the Karl Pilkington stage….


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