The Koshertarian Comedian Attack

Anti-Semitism and Florida are so hot right now.

Imagine a 7- year-old kid from Ecuador being handed a copy of Kamala’s Harris’s book Superhero’s Are Everywhere the moment he’s greeted with a welcome pack at one of our border detention camps? Eric from Ecuador says to the ICE agent in charge, “Excuse me sir, is Kamala Harris mocking Marvel comics with this piece of shit? Kamala can’t even fly down to the border to read us her book before lights out. Can’t she use her influence on Instagram and drag a Drag Queen down here for reading time? Or is Kamala a fake news feminist hero like Chelsea Clinton or her mother Hillary Hammer Time Cankles? ICE Agent says, ” Would you prefer Michelle Obama’s book Reach Higher? Bill Maher just got a stiffy, holla, thank you very much.”

What else is in the Welcome Pack for kids being detained at the border? John Podesta’s personal email address, John Podesta, Hillary’s Chief Of Staff, DNC fundraiser sleaze incarnate. You don’t believe me. Google John Podesta artwork under images. He’s got enough Pedo installation work on his fundraising home walls to make Marilyn Manson blush.

The NY Times of all people just released leaked audio recordings about John Kerry ratting out Israeli covert operations in Syria to the Iranian Foreign minister when he worked as Obama’s Wing Man in the Middle East. And Gentiles call Jews devil spawn rats. Next time my wife refuses to give me a blow job on my birthday, I’ll say, “Pretend Obama ordered you to leak it.”

Michael Kornbluth

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