The Grabby Bloomberg

Biden wanting to ban menthol cigarettes doesn’t come off as too elitist. Why not ban Parliaments so yenta breathes from Long Island are forced to fill up on BLM love juice to keep their hunger pangs away during Spring Break on Montego Bay?

Why didn’t Obama try to ban menthol cigarettes? Did the idea not test well in Max Water’s district of South Central LA?

Biden doesn’t care about black people being the victims of cool advertising for Newport cigarettes. He just wants to dissuade Hunter from a post cigarette smoke after he spews his white priveledge seed over all over Cardi B’s face.

California banning Newport smokes doesn’t mean they care about providing good lives for enterprising, hardworking black men today. All the ban does is embolden white supremacy by promoting the idea, whitey lawmakers know what’s best for more fatherless black kids from Inglewood, living up to no good.

If California really cared about BLM, they wouldn’t force the LAPD to dismantle their hardcore gang division because Ethan Hawke wouldn’t stick out his neck to save jack shit post Training Day in this post woke, Thug Lives Matters assault on any American citizen well or off or not, from ever feeling comfy dinning Al Fresco ever again, holla, thank you very much.

Massachusetts banned the sale of all flavored cigarettes like Newport menthol cigarettes to. How many famous black rappers with super cool style emerged from the projects in Boston again? Marky Mark doesn’t count, sorry. But seriously, Massachusetts acting like they give a shit about extending the lifespan of black men in this country is like Harvard University claiming it cares about rewarding Asian American Academic excellence over you know who. Whose the hypocritical divisive cunt breath now?

Michael Kornbluth

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