Everyday Is Standing Down Day

How did the Twitter mob become scarier than Denzel in Training Day? I don’t care how many body cameras the cop is wearing. If you try to catch a criminal on the run, resisting arrest with a high resolution body camera on, the Twitter mob will still automatically brand you a racist cracker for thinking you could outrun a black guy cranked up on Crystal Meth. Next, you’ll lose your pension, a member of ANTIFA or BLM will dox your home address and the cop will be forced to accept a job as a bouncer, hired to drag out workers from cruddy office bathrooms left in Midtown Manhattan for jerking off without a mask on, as they croon in their best white southern accent, “You don’t come around here no more.”  

What incentive is there to catch criminals on the run anymore? New York City doesn’t even require bail anymore. Celebs bail out members of ANTIFA and BLM because they love the idea of terrorizing anyone who voted for Trump who dares to try eating Al Fresco in peace and quiet ever again. Imagine being harassed by ANTIFA protestors for wearing a white polo shirt the day after Labor Day while dining Al Fresco on the Upper East Side? The research analyst for Barclays Bank finally loses his temper and yells, “Fuck your charges of White Priveledge ANTIFA. You white motherfuckers in black hoodies don’t stay in jail for shit. I buy my polo shirts at the Salvation Army just like Vampire Weekend. I also work for an English bank, so I’m obviously down with open border takeovers mate.”

Cuomo blocks ICE from using the NYPD database to catch rapist criminals who don’t belong in our country in the 1st place. Because homeland security was so Weapons of Mass Destruction Years.  But turning our cities into safe space sanctuaries for thug lives matters most, will make our cities great again. Is it me or are sanctuary cities the equivalent of legalized lawlessness on crack? Fuck, today in your New York City you can be fined 25-grand for using hurtful language on Illegal Aliens such asm, “No speak English.” Whose translating these insults for Juan exactly? Now, all illegal immigrants in NY, regardless of getting testing for COVID or not, get a free Driver’s License to vote Democrat and a hate speech translator to bankrupt Apu at a Bodega in Flushing, holla, thank you very much.

Cops have lost all incentive to catch criminals on the run. Or they’ll be charged with being white supremacists for refusing to take a knee, even if their fat asses require taking a breather after packing on the COVID 50 for refusing to socially distance from more donuts and carbs for the past 15 months and counting.

So, unless a cop wants to be branded as a troublemaking Serpico in the making, they’re better off noshing on Jamaican beef patties and sticking to serving arrest warrants for Rabbis reopening Yeshiva schools in the name of sanity preservation science. At least, Orthodox woman are allowed to show their 20 kids TV, holed up in a 2 bedroom walkup with no AC.

But seriously, cops today are accountable for policing the way Lebron is held accountable for traveling with his head down into congested traffic during the NBA finals.

If cops don’t give a criminal in pursuit, a chance to get away by giving them a head start of least 80 million Mississippi, then you don’t care about affirmative action or evening the playing field for fatherless kids acting out against all forms of authority as a result at large.

Do undercover cops even exist anymore? Or has that unit of the NYPD been defunded all together? Mask mandates make everyone look incognito these days, so what difference does it make? Holla, thank you very much.

If an undercover cop takes a knee it means he’s still down with wearing Nike Sweatsuits no matter what.

Cops have so much free time on their hands these days, they’ve signed up for baking classes at the 92 Street Y. They’re making ravioli from scratch. At least Fireman still run into the line of fire, thank you very much.

Fireman shouldn’t get too attached to their hoses, especially if they’re being used to cool off ANTIFA when they try to burn down a marine recruitment office in Berkley whenever the big, bad, Ben Shapiro is planned to give another dronish speech on how to own Marxists masked as do good Democrats for hire.

Community policing, whatever that is, is where our country is heading, the more you see cops cruising in police cars with their masks still on. Keep the mask on cop. You don’t want the FBI raiding your home to haul your ass to jail for pirated cable just so you can watch more Newsmax retrospectives on fake news charges of widespread election fraud to commemorate Biden’s fist 100 days in office, since the day Democracy died.   King Kong ain’t got shit on ANTIFA and BLM Mahoney, More jokes GenX dads understand, holla, thank you very much,.

Michael Kornbluth

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