Democracy On The Rocks

What’s restrictive about voter ID again? Will Jews be denied access to voting booths only available in restricted country clubs down south? With less interest in swamp draining than entertaining golden shower parties with Golda Meir. Where even Palestinian Publicists for Hamas are allowed. Being a Palestinian Publicist for Hamas is brain draining work. Every other press release is, Jews are the dirty fighters, not us, and Fuck Billy Joel. We didn’t fire first. Holla, thank you very much.

Taiwan isn’t a country. I’m glad John Cena cleared that up. What I don’t understand is why Universal would cast him in The Fast and Furious? Amy Schumer moves more fluidly on a Pilates Matt, pregnant, with a slimy hack politician in the making. Who will make Chuck Schumer come off as gentile pleasant at the Costco cheese sample station for a change.

Plus, John Cena has less acting range than Jason Mewes or A Rod on Fox Sports pretending to be the Caramel Mocha version of fucking Roy Firestone. J Lo banged the shit of that stripper pole on Super Bowl Sunday, so Ben Affleck would drunk dial her again for old times sake. “Hey J Lo, it’s big ben. Why don’t you ditch A Rod and give us another shot babe? I’ve got some more screenplays in me to direct you in, enchilada buns. All A Rod has left in him is looking like a pussy bitch next to Big Papi on Fox Sports. That is when the balding Ralph Macchio on Steroids isn’t hocking his new line of foundation makeup for metrosexuals on Instagram like he’s pimping for the Guido Illuminati.

Joe Biden wants to preserve the soul of our Democracy less than Hunter wants to give up blow for blow painting.

Empathy is the fuel for Democracy. I didn’t know Dominion voting machines were programmed with empathetic intelligence to correct any voter fraud bugs embedded in their operating systems, my bad.

Empathy is the fuel for Democracy. Tell that to Trump’s Gulfstream on the last leg of the campaign trail Joe. Trump averaged 4 flub free speeches a today in front of thousands and the millions and millions online at home through YouTube. Your campaign rallies outside your basement couldn’t fill out the Little Mermaid’s clam shells.

Michael Kornbluth

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