Over The Top Jokes

Memo to the NY Times: When Hamas fires 4000 rockets into Israel’s backyard. Don’t expect an Edible Arrangements gift basket with a thank note written in Farsi. A 2-state solution is impossible if Hamas keeps on fucking. How does Farrakhan celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day? Post Termite Emojis on Twitter from dawn till night but throw in the hashtag#NataliePortman is alright. How did congressional rep, Baby Face Omar from Minnesota acknowledge the anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death on Twitter? Let me guess. She called her a beehive sporting, devil horn concealing Jew devil parasite who exploited the great Palestinian Songbook for all it was worth. Who told Samuel L Jackson it’s cool to dress like Spike Lee’s grandmother, who identifies as a jazz critic descendant of Sonny Rollins in Tyler Perry’s new film, the Uppity Cunt?   I should’ve replaced my no-show Jewish grandma for a black grandma at my wedding. Post an ad on Craig’s List. Tyler Perry impersonators are encouraged to apply but must be comfortable performing in front of white audiences only. Did you know the national pot smoking holiday 4/20 is Hitler’s birthday? I haven’t felt this betrayed since Stallone snuck Mel Gibson into Expendables 3.  Michael Kornbluth 

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