The COVID Jab Pinkie Swear

New York City is reopened again. Cuomo declares victory. He killed off the greatest
city the world has in only 15 months flat.

Steven A. Smith claims Durant is the best player to represent New York. Be a more
transparent kiss ass Smith. Millennial Mouseketeers would’ve gotten stomped to
death in the vastly more rough and tumble era of the eighties NBA. The
suffocative defensive play by the Bad Boys, X Man, The Pacers, Kevin Willis and
Charles hard as oak Oakley wouldv’e torn Durant’s pipe cleaner arms off like he
was the black Gumby. Durant isn’t an actual Playground legend from Brooklyn
like Bernard King either. Bernard King was the black Larry Bird on steroids
with Rocky’s eye of the tiger snarl in Rocky 2. Who ripped the rim off the
fucking basket while going coast to coast like Westbrook on Adderall with far
greater chest puffing huffing ease.

Refusing to vote is giving up on America. No, avoiding Voter ID to cheat again is. I
forgot. Calling out election fraud is the big lie like humanization being the
religion of peaceful Palestinian protestors for hire. Which reminds me, an all
Muslim girls prom was just held in Detroit. The prom was like mine, pork free.

I hope nobody votes in America ever again. So, politicians who let Democracy die
under their watch without making a peep will feel like emptier imposter do good
helpers at the Harvard Club than normal till their last, scotch stench filled

Is Baby Face Omar the new face of Banana Republic yet? To model their new line of
casual antisemitism footwear that comes with a complimentary Israeli doormat to

Actually, the Supreme Court gave up on America when they refused to look into the case of
election fraud that was more blatant than Jill Biden’s varicose veins with no
panty hose on in front of the Queen. Who offers stiff competition in that
department with her panty hose on in person.

Eric Clapton’s famous music friends like Steve Winwood are avoiding him like the
plague now since he opened up about partial paralysis after his 2nd COVID jab.
Back on his high horse again with chompers like that. Dear Alexa, play me any
song by Cream, Clapton or Derek and Dominoes to make me happy. It’s too bad
Steve Winwood isn’t cracking anybody’s top 100 pleasure playlist either.

Nobody has died from the COVID jab. What about boxer legend The Marvelous Marvin
Hagler? Oh yeah, MSN debunked the conspiracy theory already despite Tommy
Hearns claiming the murderous jab put him out for the count more than his
combinations ever could.

I made a COVID jab pinkie swear when my parents asked me to get vaccinated for
their behalf. But my father’s shoulders collapse whenever I go in for a hug
for old time’s sake since I came out as a Trump supporter. Plus, my parents are
vaccinated, which grants them immunity from the virus allegedly. So, at this
point, what difference does it make? Hillary Hammer Time Cankles strikes again.
Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth 

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