The Poor Sport From Dicks

Kids learn bad habits from dad but not according to an out of shape, late middle aged sales rep for Dick’s Sporting Goods in Danbury, CT. I’m about to buy a boxing bag for my kids and say, “Kids learn bad habits from Dad. That’s why I wasted my youth on smoking cigarettes and watching the Knicks stink up the joint year after year. The dick headed defiant sales rep from Dicks who was no younger than 70, whose body was no temple of fitness either replies, “That’s not true, because my dad smoked cigarettes and I was an athlete. My kids are athletes to.” I say, “So your sons forced you to work at Dicks for their employee store discount? Also, what sport did you letter in because being an all around dick doesn’t count? Because if you didn’t smoke, why should I give a shit about your kids being considéréd athletes either? Unless, your athlete sons earned sports scholarships to prove white man’s disease doesn’t matter because they can drain jumpers with their eyes closed. I’m not too interested in your motivational coach assessment abilities bud, sorry.”

Michael Kornbluth

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