Art Show Spirit

Nirvana didn’t kill off Hair Metal. Aids did, before Magic made HIV disappear. In related news, Scottie Pippen reveals in his new autobiography, Phil Jackson Is One Lanky Lucky Honky Motherfucker”, MJ would’ve gotten chlamydia if he didn’t box out ex Laura Pippen from trying to ride his joy stick out of it’s socket into the sunset 1st.

Sebastian Bach, leader singer of Skid Row asked Nirvana to tour with them for their Slave To The Grind tour. Kurt Cobain declined, saying, “We can’t because we’re homophobic.” Hilarious, Sebastian Bach was caught wearing a shirt prior that said, “Aids Kills Fags Dead.” Which is dumb, because “dead”, especially in caps, is an extraneous exclamation point at that point in the sentence.

Sebastian Bach blames the loss of girls attending their shows after making a follow up Skid Row album with no ballads on it, claiming, “Only girls buy records for the ballads. So you’re a fag, if you fell for the gooey love burst every time to.”

Michael Kornbluth

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