Disinterested Love Destroys

Getting vaccinated is the most patriotic thing to do. I thought it was filing defamation lawsuits on the behalf of Dominion the day Democracy died. The FBI could lock up all the ring leaders behind ANTIFA and BLM and our Supreme Court still won’t touch an election fraud case with Elizbeth Warren’s nightmare catcher Totem Pole.

Bursting with patriotic pride for July 4th since Mr. Groper got sworn via Zoom was harder than Rick Fox staying hard after ex wife Vanessa Williams took up plus size modeling bras for Victoria Secret.

Megan Rapinoe is a model for Victoria Secret now. Can’t wait to sample those edible shin guards that taste like hairy fish sticks.

Watched the firework display from Mount Rushmore on YouTube last night with my kids. Once they started the country music section of the firework broadcast, Melania looked less disinterested than Jill Biden after Vouge asked if she’s interested in her hair being airbrushed with an actual brush for a change before using an actual digital one for much needed touch up work.

Younger brother says, “Can’t stay late. Jane has tutoring to do. I said, “But she teaches ESL sporadically. So, how brain draining can the work be, knowing most Chinese kids bow in nodding submission most of the time anyway? Last, if Jane is tutoring the next Obama from Kenya, his college records will become sealed eventually. So what difference does it make?”

Dad failing to show his son interested love again. Dad, tell me I should I get a smartphone replacement instead of a flip phone because you’d die without me sending you new pics of your 3 grandkids. No nod, no change in demeanor. All I heard was crickets, like when I asked my dad in my mind, “So, with your favorite son adding Heroin use to his demon battling list of notable accomplishments, do you still think he makes Hunter look a slacker, underachiever in comparison?”

Michael Kornbluth

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