Buffalo Bush

So far, my claim to fame was an appearance on the TV Show Blind Date. All I got out of it was a free meal, and herpes.

My luck, my date was a negative 6 by upstate New York standards.

My date gave the producers permission to shoot her Buffalo Bush waxing scene because she grew it out for the occasion. Her mountain of muff, looked like a stack of Brillo Pads stacked on top of a stack of busted Slinky’s.

At the end of our date, she says, “Should we kiss?” In my mind I’m thinking, “Sure, why not, you’re not hot enough to give me herpes.” At the same time, kissing her on camera was anti-climatic after staring down her mountain of muff prior. It was like rounding the bases from 3rd counterclockwise like a faster talking Forrest Gump minus the tingly film score in my honor or centerfold girlfriend material to feel up in her dorm room with big ten beauties on top. Forrest lives. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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