The Neverending Shit Show Again

The CDC said only fully vaccinated children do not need to wear masks in classrooms. But the vaccine is only available for kids 12 and above. So, homeschool your kids if you dare, MAGA country. You can’t even book a cruise to preserve what sanity you have left without the vaccine. Plus, good luck affording to attend the Monsters of Rock Cruise this summer with only one paid working parent holding down your wannabe Daniel Boone fort at all. Have fun sticking to nappy detail versus hearing Youth Gone Wild by far less shitty Skid Row. And only gay dudes competing for top florist on Full Bloom on HBO get to take a stab at playing the permanently unwelcome card, regardless of gay choirs in San Francisco feeling comfortable enough to make cheeky, groomers are us videos about threatening to turn your child over to the sunny side up gay side, assuming, they’re not Jewish and deem stained glassed windows made out of rainbows as too in your face, gay churchy for their tastes.

Michael Kornbluth

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