Pacifist The Kid

The new state motto for New York should be, The Nanny Nappy State.

According to Chris Rock, the worst thing about COVID is not being recognized in a mask. But how difficult is it to remain inconspicuous when you’re the only black person living in Montclair, New Jersey besides Mary J. Blige, according to Chris?

I don’t want my son to be friends with anybody whose mom calls her a child a self-professed pacifist. Like his mom gave him much of a fighting chance. After an entire playdate, I couldn’t tell if this long haired greaser hipster kid was an androgynous bar wench from Game of Thrones or a testosterone intolerant she-he transplant from Brooklyn like the rest. The kid look looked so strung out skinny, you’d think the mom’s umbilical chord’s only source of nutrition was time release Adderall.

How can ANTIFA be for vaccine mandates? A) ANTIFA strike me as it’s better to burn out than fade away Type A, arsonists types. B) If Antifa is anti-fascist, then why would they fight against anti-vaccine mandates protestors in Boston from Southie? Who weren’t fortunate enough to be Marky Mark’s weed dealer like Turtle from Entourage, before Dirk Diggler branched into rapping and modeling in Calvin Klein briefs on money shot billboards plastered throughout Times Square? C)ANTIFA against vaccine mandate protestors sounds like they’re pro oppression, pro suppression and pro enabling depression, for all the moms and dad’s forced out of work this Christmas, because the CDC recommends, means less to them than In Dr. Gnocchi We Trust. D) If ANTIFA wasn’t in favor of suppression, they’d protest for the opening of safe spaces for jerking it at work in a post #Meto world, to prematurely cleanse it’s woke handlers of any unwanted boner attention lawsuits on their hands.

Michael Kornbluth

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