Beyond Beautiful

Beyond beautiful or giant genius at 11 years old isn’t the question.

Especially when all her teachers since Pre-K have confessed to wanting to clone her, which gives new meaning to honorable mention.

What’s beyond beautiful anyway? Natural beauty from within, that shines through her loving eyes before you tuck her in at night as your next of kin.

Beyond beautiful is your daughter doing cartwheels in the sand that scream go f yourself to, my daddy is a one-man rock and roll band.

Beyond beautiful is your daughter keeping your me centric ego in check, by stating on her birthday, “Spare me the talk today about your life before me was a perpetual wreck.”

Beyond beautiful is a proud New Yorker on the rise. So, when Singing Rose makes her name shine among the bright lights, don’t act so freaking surprised.

Beyond beautiful is a daughter who cares about her daddy being happy despite not making it yet while discarding baby Samuel’s nappy.

Beyond beautiful is a daughter loved by her friends who require zero amends.

Beyond beautiful is a girl who her brothers adore for including them in forms of creative play which never bores.

Beyond beautiful is a daughter who makes her Daddy beam with pride for birthing a light spreader who’s got God on her side.

Beyond beautiful is the birth of a family that started with Singing Rose, who inherited my perfect nose.

Beyond beautiful are hugs with your daughter that last, that make all past hurts, insults and shows of disrespect minor annoyances of the past.

Beyond beautiful is perfect laugh lines on your daughter’s face, after you instruct her brother, Female Flash, to pick up the pace.

Beyond beautiful is a daughter’s love for dad that’s a pure holy glow, that only increases in specialness the more she grows.

Beyond beautiful is a daughter born to woo, who will do more with her life than become a lawyer who sues.

Beyond beautiful is a daughter Matilda Kornbluth, who I can claim as my own. She blesses me with heaven on earth without having to be flown.

Happy 11th Birthday, Matilda Singing Rose, my funnier, sweeter twin, more bonding time with you is always a win, win. I’ll always be your biggest fan, especially for insisting I make it as a big-time comedian in New York versus bolting to Texas or Florida for a better tan.

Mommy, Daddy, Arthur, Samuel and Miss Kitty love all that you are, yet the best is yet come from my beyond beautiful genius star.

All My Love,

The Unholy Father, Daddy

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