Willy Loman Lives

I’m interviewing for a franchise owner opportunity to sell neighborhood magazines that I’d sell ads for in addition to getting PTA moms to publish vanity articles about their wine tastings nights, because they know that Trader Joe’s sells more than just the cheap stuff. All this work is commission only and I’m told that I won’t be seeing any money in 4 months at least. So, as I’m contemplating getting the shot clot to put me out of my misery already, the Launch Manager says, “You’d be a part of a team that represents 520 area directors throughout the country. And I say, “So much for feeling singularly special.” Launch Director laughs long time. Then I add, “I’m too singularly special for this shit. Thanks, but no thanks.” Willy Loman lives, Challah, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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