Judas Lives

How many athletes have to die in their prime before Bob Costas says anything about it? Granted, Americans don’t know about soccer players dropping dead on the field because none of us watch soccer. Just once, I want to see a red pilled Bob Costas interview Dr. Gnocchi as a guest interviewer on 60 minutes.

Dr. Fauci, Doctors are blaming clot shot deaths from the fake news vaccine on green tea now.

Ginseng is so hot right now, not.

Care to comment?

Bob, I knew you were funny, but never this hardcore hilarious.

Look Bob, I don’t need the WHO to tell me that too much green tea can give me cardiac arrest.

How do you think the Chinese built the Great Wall of China ahead of schedule?

Costas cuts Fuck Face Fauci off.

Forget tea, do you think Prince Harry tried to kill himself because of mental health issues?

Scruffie Archie hasn’t shaved in years.

Fauci says, “No comment. But what I can tell you Bob is that depression doesn’t discriminate.”

Costas says, “Is that why Ja Rule get’s depressed at the pump for blowing all his remaining royalties on gas these days?”

I don’t know who you’re taking about Bob.

Costas adds.

Why are so many soccer players dropping dead?

Yet David Beckham still finds a good reason to get up every morning.

I mean calling David Beckham a great soccer player is like calling you America’s most trusted doctor.

What are you implying Bob?

That you own a financial stake in the Moderna COVID 19 vaccine and due to get royalties on it despite it working less than Russell Westbrook helming the Triangle Offense for Showtime Lakers.

I’m implying that your idea of Philanthropy Capitalism is your boy Gates turning us into Placenta Smoothie Nation.

I’m implying that after trillions spent on Aids research, the only vaccine you developed was the secret stash stashed in Magic Johnson’s cookie jar to make the HIV virus disappear.

I’m implying that AZT drug you pushed was responsible for killing more gay men than Fashion Police getting canceled after Kelly Osbourne teamed up with Trans Chucky, which proved to be more toxic than barebacking the Aids Monkey hemophiliac with hemoglobin issues, who got Monkeypox after Andy Dick barebacked bi curious George with a banana in his tail pipe.

I’m implying that you have a history of fast-tracking vaccine drugs that killed all the gerbils jammed up Richard Gere’s ass before they’d tried to break free.

I’m implying that you’re a sadistic piece shit for funding an experiment that allowed beagles to be eaten to death by sandflies and that you’re a better paid Joseph Mengle that will be hiding once the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 kick into full gear.

I’m implying that shutting down the economy and pushing worldwide depopulation through the clot shot gives overachieving Nazi scientists a bad name.

I’m implying that you’ve caused more unnecessary suffering under your watch than Phil Rosenthal’s artificially happy theme music on Somebody Feed Phil.

I’m implying that it’s the year the four eyed snake. And that you and your butt boy Gates, got another thing coming.

I’ve got 2 words for you. Iron Maiden.

You let patients die alone in New York.

While shipped in hospital beds got less touches than a St. James Bible within a Bath House colony in Provincetown.

HGH injections ruined the purity of America’s Pastime.   

You’re clot shots did the same for our medical profession.

Pete Rose can’t get into the Hall yet you’re the highest paid hit man in our government for producing zero hit vaccines after 40 years at the plate.

Now that’s torture on par with Kevin Costner ‘s wooden acting in the Untouchables.

But screaming Vengeance is going to come Dr. Gnocchi.

Resist this hate speech, Mr. Untouchable.

If only Dinero was a real-life designed hitter for the mob instead of looking like Betsy Ross on the View these days, falling apart at the seams.

Screaming Vengeance For Judas , Challah.

Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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