Nazi Rocker Historians

Did you know that the lead guitar player of Slayer Jeff Hanneman paid a fan 1000 dollars for an Eagle Cross? This is the highest honor you could get from Aryan Nation besides free government grade Crystal Meth for life. 1000 bucks for an Eagle Cross from white trash metal guy seems like a paltry sum for such an in-demand Nazi collectible on 4 Chan, don’t you think? And they call my half Heeb crazy side, cheap. Former lead guitar player of Slayer and major songwriter for the band behind hits such as Angel of Death, God Hates All Of Us, the Jews Especially, and Arian Nation Placation, died of liver failure. It turns out that Lemmy from Motorhead outlived him a bit from playing a Jager Bomb drinking game together during Christmas that requires you to throw down another every time a new Adam Sandler film ad appears on Netflix.

But back to the metal white trash metal guy who sold his Eagle Cross to thrash metal maestro Jeff Hanneman for 1000 bucks, which is more offensive than a Jewish banker charging Muhammed 5 percent interest on a new car loan after Hitler teamed up with the Muslim Brotherhood to make the Mercedes Benz, the drive by car of choice of its day. Who taught American History X to negotiate exactly? Shouldn’t he be carrying a highlighted copy of Art Of The Deal in his back pocket, Anti-MAGA Country? White Trash Metal Guy should know he had leverage over such a well-read Nazi Rocker historian like the late great Jeff Hanneman, known for penning torture porn lyrics in Angel of Death about Jospeh Mengle such as, “Showers that cleanse you of your life”, better late than ever, you dirty Heeb, “Smell your death, as it burns deep inside you”, so put that nosy schnoz to good use for once in your putrid, plague spreading life, “Pathetic, harmless, victims left to die.” He almost makes it seem like it’s Hebrew National’s fault as he binge whacks to the Saw films one through 8 million for eight crazy nights after the Christmas Bash with Lemmy ensues. What Jews weren’t the only ones gassed to death who were found guilty of forsaking the ant eater tip dick look. Any self-respecting Nazi Rock Historian knows that. But hoard more Eagle Crosses, Speed Metal Nation. You speed freak white boys give ANTIFA a good name, Challah. Nazi Rocker Historians dying laughing, not, Anthrax lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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