Clinton Groupies Moaning

How gross are any Clinton groupies remaining? I bump into an IT Director nerd in town who never acknowledged by comedy record links sent prior yet getting adorably defensive about some Hillary Hammer Time Cankles jokes that I delivered in person yesterday explains why. I mentioned a local pizzeria called Pizza Station in nearby Katonah that serves a killer artichoke slice, that’s going to be the reward for the winner our next Homerun Derby against our house using wiffle balls, Hard Core Hunga Rocks, my youngest child won the last one with a whopping total of 14 blasts and the IT Director nerd says, “The guy that owns Pizza Station also owns a pizzeria in Chappaqua, which is Huma Licker Breath country. So, I say, “I hear Hillary’s only down with eating anchovies out of the box, assuming she isn’t full, from her latest and greatest spirit cooking dinner. In fact, my wife had a Hillary sighting recently at the nearby Kettle Inn. Wife says, “Hillary was nice, she smiled at baby. I said, “Of course she smiled at baby. Hillary was just getting warmed up for dessert.” IT Director nerd barely budges, giving me a how dare you go there stare in return. ” I say, “Tough crowd, Clinton Groupies, tough crowd. Being a gun-shy IT nerd, you’ll like this one better. Did you know software Engineers at Google, not on your LinkedIn resume last time I checked, got accused of sexual harassment on the job despite wearing yenta noise silencer headphones on the job at work? Plus, your typical programming command as a software engineer isn’t massage my carpal tunnel. Shitting on Clinton Groupies, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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