Dante’s Hell Lives

Now it’s racist should be the new website address for Google or for Snopes Debunks.com.

Now it’s racist if a mascot at Chuck E Cheese ignores your kid’s Thugs Lives Matter hat, that’s turned backwards.

Since All Lives Matter become the N Word.

A mascot at Chuck E Cheese can’t barely see as is.

And I’m positive the mouse is masked inside, unless he’s a pedophile on parole.

We don’t want the pedophile to be accused of heavy breathing on his 1st date.

Want some bread sticks Johnny?

Ever try one with a creamy alfredo sauce instead?

If a mascot at Chuck E Cheese ignored my kid in Wayne, New Jersey, I’d think, “Chuck E. Cheese must be more into the cheesy bimbet Guido girls that sprout like asbestos in New Jersey around these parts.

I’d freak out if a mascot started waiving at me uncontrollably.

I’d think, “Why is Patch Adams treating me like my days are numbered? Is my, “Just Vaccinated Sticker”, a dead giveaway?”

When the mom confronted the manager about the alleged diss from the mascot, he made excuses.  

“Wave goodbye, to your cushy Cinnabon manger offer now.”

“Snubbing black kids don’t pay.”

“I should’ve stuck with accounting at Montclair university.”

“I’m not even supposed to be here today.”

Dante’s Hell lives, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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