Deplorable USA

What do Tour Guides of Delaware say about Biden now? Hair Sniffer Plugs, used to take showers with his daughter here, wherever Corn Pop’s fluffing services weren’t available. What’s inflation? Jill Biden barely scraping by, without any combs or brushes in use since 76. What do you call her hair style exactly? Freeloading ho bag with a townie thrashy twist. But nice fishnet stockings Jill. I bet Jill sucks dick for Bitcoin behind Joe’s back at Hotel Dupont. Jill says, “I’ll suck your untraceable dick. But you look a tad fruity, so put a rubber on. You’ll last longer than Joe at a Brownie sale in Brentwood.” Deplorable USA, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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