Fuck South Park

I’ve grown to hate the hate symbol police. Unless you’re sporting a Swastika, a Just Vaccinated pin, or Biden Harris sticker on your Volvo station wagon, I’m not interested. Just vaccinated, congratulations. You endorse sanctioned mass murder against your free will if you want to keep your teacher’s job at P.S 666. And a Biden, Harris, sticker doesn’t promote love, outside of sniffing Strawberry’s Shortcake’s hair against her free will again and again.

Spotify just dropped the Obama relationship podcast. Problem was communication issues; the audience couldn’t tell if Barack wanted Michelle to be more like Mike. And drain more balls than Little Nas this coming summer on Fire Island.

I don’t want to forgive anyone who gave my daughter dark, suicidal thoughts at the height of remote learning. Go woke yourself and die from bleeding to death from trying to itch your anal warts off in the process. Your side used COVID as an excuse to push mail in voting and steal an election. Nobody with a functioning brain or spiritually tuned soul can bear one on one time with you anymore, including your own sour puss reflection. COVID disinformation doesn’t kill people, baby boomer arrogance, the CDC, Fuck Face Fauci’s directives, denying hospitals the right to prescribe early stage, alternative treatments, big pharma pushed experimental drugs and federal imposed clot shot mandates did. I’m done, time to enjoy my kids. Enjoy the Nuremberg Trials 2.0, I know I will. Boy oh, boy, will that mark a beautiful day in our neighborhood.

Michael Kornbluth

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