Kosher Lamb Pops

The Australian government is now paying for your funeral costs if the COVID vaccine kills you. I really need to get my eulogy ghost writer business off the ground already.

Getting your meat averse daughter into the Koshertarian diet is tough when you start pushing Lamb Lollipops on her.

“So, Matilda, what do you think if we handed out Lamb Lollipops for Halloween this year?”

“It’s a more generous offering than Halloween Cards from Baba with no money to buy candy with. You better like Kosher Lamb Pops at 50 bucks per pound.”

“But Daddy, we don’t have any money. And you’re so broke, your Jewish name is under Judicial Review. Plus, 50 dollars per pound is an enormous mark-up daddy because baby lambs only weigh 62 pounds according to Alexa contributor, late term abortions who got So, Kosher Lamb Pops are off the list Daddy. Granted, I want to start babysitting. But I don’t love babies that much. Hillary on her honeymoon in Australia would be licking her chops.”

“Come to think of it, Groping Biden has ruined baby veal for me too, after Ice Cream and Gatorade. Kosher Lamp Pops now included.”

Challah, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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