Sex Ed South Park

Exposed my 3 kids to South Park last night. We watched the 1-hour COVID special. I can’t take that hour back. After Randy bangs out another load. Daughter asks, “Why is Randy is so drained daddy?” I said, “Remember when I told you how my DNA is all over your face? Remember the time when you asked me, “Daddy, what do you do after tucking me in? And said, “I squeeze in 5 minutes of me time alright.” Well, Randy is running on empty because he’s strangling his life shooter to death because his DNA imprint is being blasted on all his batches of weed to counteract COVID symptoms caused from him banging that bat made in Wuhan, remember? At the same time, anyone would be drained dry after squeezing a village worth of love juice out like Brett Michaels did on the front leg of Poison’s Open Up and Up Say Ah tour in Toledo, Ohio considering the preponderance of big ten beauties on top.” South Park lives, Challah, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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