Soliloquy Shredder

In a Wine Shop 5 minutes from Mr. Groper’s house in Greenville, Delaware. Where he skinny dips in front of female Secret Service agents boasting, “Told you I was bigger than the boogie boarding Kenyan.” At the Wine Shop, I say, “Who would’ve predicted hard seltzer being a thing in our lifetime? Add Cannabis shops in Massachusetts or Democracy being dead.” Cute wine merchant laughed long time.  Everybody knows that the Icky Shuffle lost, even in his own hometown. Resist this, Bruce. I hope that inviting Obama on stage to Dancing in the Dark on Broadway to knock off his bucket list was worth lying about your New Jersey fan base being racist, that could afford your tickets because they have good paying union jobs despite you claiming everyone in the band was replaceable, including Clarence Clemmons, assuming, Michael Clarke Duncan was Ving Rhames understudy at Julliard when Billy Joel’s greatest hits were considered lullaby music for eighties Republicans. Soliloquy Shredder lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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