The Mental Irish Patient

Joe Biden’s mom hated the Queen. She refused to sleep on the same hotel bed the Queen did, preferring the floor. Great, first Joe Biden ruins Gatorade and Ice Cream for me, now I’ve lost interest in camping on dirt campgrounds in sleeping bags. Mr. Groper’s blood line continues to drown out my age of protracted innocence, one icky shuffle triggering tumble at a time. But being Irish, I’m sure his mom didn’t hit the sauce too hard that night, so making it to the bed was never a doable prospect to resist either, although her story makes better press though. Chances are Dennis Leary wrote the alibi for her pro-bono, knowing Mr. Groper had to use a cue card to write a condolence note in honor of the Queen at the English consulate after her departure. Hair Plug’s, ear plug keeps ringing, “Stick to the script Joe. Don’t claim you wrote The Meaning Of Life before Monty Python did or stretched out Madonna’s kick the can clit beyond repair before the cast of Snatch did.”

Michael Kornbluth

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