Welcome To Heaven

New short story title idea: Busted Mansion Girl.

A comedy about a Busted Mansion Girl on the hill who haunts its new IT Director nerd owner after she’s gone.

Inspired short story title idea part 2: Trucking To Zion.

A comedy about a Canadian trucking Jew named Samuel with dual citizenship who leads a trucker caravan to Zion to film a documentary about a planned Burning Mask Block Party with an unknown bi-racial rapper from up north to headline the vaccine mandate expose extravaganza.

Another killer short story title idea to give Danny McBride a semi-woody in the process.

Over The Top Artist, is a comedy tale about a highly prolific Stay At Home Comedian and father of 3 who posts an ad on Craig’s List written in the 3rd person seeking a text jerk buddy, to stroke off his latest and greatest comedy album creation on SoundCloud, who isn’t an emotionally retarded expressionist that isn’t heavily reliant on the use of emoji images to express hardcore hilarity either.

Short story title idea that could get more personal than I’m prepared to delve into.

Sloppy Second Son is a comedy tale about a blind comedian who can’t see why his friend’s mother doesn’t think his new writing partner should respect her judgment ever again.

One more short story title idea, which I needed to write 2 months ago already. The Zamboni Artist is a comedy tale about a comic strip illustrator who got his column canceled, only to take up driving a Zamboni after striking up an unlikely friendship with a school security guard so he could afford to buy his only daughter some state of art designer skates for Hannukah.

Another last-minute chapter addition post for The Koshertarian Comedians, Demystifying Margarine, which unmasks how it’s butter’s superior self and ideal frying up substance to maximize Koshertarian diet filled delight, assuming you give a shit about honoring God’s eating laws before Jesus granted himself final cut.

Michael Kornbluth

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