Man Meat Mojo Rising

I fell in love with a rosy-cheeked Irish Lassie last night. Any gay-leaning thoughts went poof in her presence. I never wanted to kiss a girl more in life than I did last night. I bet her box tastes like pinkoliscious-haired weed. She was saintly by tolerating this drunk, rambling older Irish Granny, who admitted to being part Irish and part Jewish. After pounding a Jack on the Rocks at an Irish bar outside Grand Central on a Sunday night with some time to spare before my train left, I say, “Part Irish and Part Jewish, that means she’s got the gift of gab on both sides. And if she has schizophrenia, she’d hit the trifecta.” Her entire Irish posse laughs long time. Almost immediately later, my rosy-cheeked Irish Lassie, bursting with poetic pouncing, juicing flavor, says, “You should be joining us.” And I declare my love out loud, “I want to marry you, which I was saying to myself after we crossed eyes prior.” I don’t call myself a slut in a strait jacket for nothing.

My year without beer is coming up with a miraculously strong finish, with only 15 days to go. Breaking free from the chains of addiction to Adderall for the past two months is kicking my flirty forward personality into perpetual rock-solid motion with fetching older gals into my man meat mojo rising in their presence too.

Man Meat Mojo Rising, Challah. Thank you very much.

Would Charles Bukowski drink alcoholic seltzers if his drying-out years in San Pedro extended till today? Or would all mighty Bukowski deride White Claw Seltzers as a too girly man for his tastes? Who toiled away at the Post Office too long to identify with a non-essential Betty Draper?

After a recruitment training seminar today, I got borderline flirty with my pretty, MILFY blond, role-playing partner from Jacksonville, Florida, by imploring her to practice her lines on me after work. She calls and says, “Lying to a candidate about having a meeting about them before calling them is next-level sketchy, don’t you think?”

I say, “Totally; only Hillary has a meeting about a candidate with the DNC about how they’d steal the nomination from Bernie.”

Florida MILF laughs long time.

Florida got to love it.

Bernie Bro Tugs live.

Man Meat Mojo rising, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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