Obama Leaks

Imagine any member of the black community getting a gag order today?

Jill Biden would still invite them to the White House.

And say.

Unload in my mouth.

Obama ordered you to leak it.

Obama Leaks, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Imagine Obama being arrested for anything.

What’s the charge, your honor?

You’re a Trump appointee, aren’t you, Judge?

Trump appointee judges are still considered controlled opposition, according to mongoloid commentators on the Gateway Pundit.

You don’t scare me is my point, Judge. Amy Barrett is Mia Farrow with better husband selection.
Judge says.

So, you listen to the Do It All Dad Year Podcast too?

That Michael Kornbluth is one half Heeb crazy Moffo.

Deplorable is anyone who’s glad Jussie Smollett took a shot is economical genius right there.

I can’t get enough of the kid, personally.

So back to you, Obama, Be Good.

You’re being arrested for writing off hot dogs and pizza for pool time entertainment at John Podesta’s house as a fundraising expense since you become the face behind the open borders, openly grooming, rape enablement party?

Get the fuck out of my face.

You look like Andy Dick in blackface after Aids.

I still can’t get the picture of former NSA head John Brennan sniffing your Birkenstocks after your bike ride together in Martha’s Vineyard caught on Anthony Weiner’s laptop when you weren’t looking.

I’m sending you to Gitmo; you’re our last domestic terrorist left; you traded them all to Iran for a carton of Camel Extra Wides, right?

You might get lucky if Hair Plugs Sniffer jails a terrorist again for Arafat appreciation month.
And go woke yourself; Thugs Lives Matters Most.

You ruined the country with your race-baiting bullshit in less than ten years flat like your she-he’s wife tits.
Brittney Griener feels busty in her presence, my chest.

Hey, Hussein, has anyone ever told you, you’re a Mallato drone version of W, but worse?

At least Ellen admits to being friends with W because she’s pro-Bush.

I only remember your thicker half, flapping it around on Ellen like she-he doesn’t care.

I’m good friends with Marv Albert; I understand the attractions to Trans gals in the sack.

But allowing kids to chop off their dick before it blooms under their fruit of looms seems a tad premature.

So, the charge you’re going to Gitmo for is enabling Genital Mutilation gone wild only to downplay your surging interest in taking it up the colo from Michelle on the regular since you were at Walter Payton’s club in Chicago on Sprinkler Blitz Back Night.

What’s my problem with genital mutilation gone wild, Obama Be Meh? Lou Reed Junior’s dick will still be missing at the China Club when he’s 17 pre-hackathon off, despite him feeling lust loinless arousement behind some fat ass Latina swallowing up his fake news cock whole, because the link to his boner directive youth is going baby gone.

Genital Mutilation gone wild.

Sharia Law lives, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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