Pedo Pilled Consciousness

15 Dalai Lamas later, you’d think His Hornyness, would’ve been reincarnated as a pedophile enough, to come up with a smoother pick up line to use on boys than, “Suck my tongue.”

Granted, most Dalai Lama lines are fake news Fortune Cookie deep. But Richard Gere’s rescue animal advisor, could’ve opened with one of his stronger lines on Kundun’s cousin like, “Love is the absence of judgment. Now get sucking kid. Only to add, “Those prayer beads didn’t come in red Gere.”

Pedo Pilled Consciousness, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Or the Dalai Lama could break the ice with some lighter small talk first.

Have you seen JR Smith Redefined on Amazon Prime yet?

Bezos hooks up poor Indonesian kids with free Wi-Fi right?

It’s the least he can do after dumping his spoiled hag wife for Tony Gonzalez’s smoking ex wife. Enlarged dick pic or not, Tony Gonzalez is a yoked out Hall of Fame Tight End who played for the Kansas City Chiefs. So happy denting Ajax Man.

JR Smith Redefined means what kid? Only stepping down from conducting more topless post game interviews on his hoverboard. Because JR Smith was high enough already.

JR Smith Redefined isn’t my cup of tea kid. Not since he pressured the Knicks to forgoe resigning Jermey Lin. Because the Golden Child was hogging the driving lane all to himself.

Or Godforbid, this Pedo Spunk Spanker, work on some new pick up line material when he’s got 15 lifetimes to meditate on it already.

So Phillipino Joey, you think Freddy Mercury would last 2 seconds while breaking in your hymen at one of Hillarys spirit cooking fundraisers for the DNC? You know the new age rape enablement party but not really.

Be kind and sit on your holiness’s lap. These robes will help cushion the blow.

Choose tongue twister with me compassionate one.

Remember, an open anus hole, is an open mind to expanded consciousness.

Meanwhile, this poor kid is thinking, “This doesn’t feel like a non-violent occupation to me, Pedo Buddha Light, my ass. This Butt Plugs’s for you, because I ain’t going anywhere near your decrepit, older than dirt stank hole, fake news holiness.

Pedo Pilled Consciousness, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

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