Great Friday

Being enslaved by hacks was a source of great shame for me. 

But after getting fired for taking off Good Friday for mental health reasons. 

I’m finally, free to be me. 

Headhunter Writer Liberated, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Headhunter Writer fired sounds too victimized, Me-Too-Ish for my tastes.

Headhunter Writer firing highlights; now were cooking.

After getting fired I boast, “I wrote The Great American Jew Novel.”

Controller says, “Good for you.”

I say, “It’s great for my ego actually.” Has this putz breath even offered his CPA services to the head of BLM charged with tax evasion on a pro-bono basis? Since she charged Turbo Tax with being culturally biased software?

Headhunter Writer Liberated, Challah.

Thank you very much.

So, I got fired and told it wasn’t working out by the Controller.

I’m removing belongings from my former desk.

I held up a coffee mug with an artful design that my 9-year-old son did in front of our Controller and pronounced loud and proud, “You see this design on this mug that my son did; this is what talent looks like. Naturally, because my son Art Show USA stems from my Do It All Dad Year Tree Trunk. 

Headhunter Writer liberated, Challah. 

Thank you very much. 

Why was I fired after filling high-end engineering roles left and right?

First, the dumpy dour woman in accounting can’t stand my light in the face of her blah-breathed plight.

I’m also louder than a Headlining God one hundred forty comedy records later.

That’s why I triggered a Headhunter Writer Guru on a Zoom call for daring to break up his hick-hued plowish slog.

It’s not my fault that this Headhunter Writer guru is next-level sketchy.

I got removed from a Zoom call from this Headhunter Writer hick guru who teaches how to lasso talent by lying about having prior meetings about a specific candidate.

Yeah, I’ve been doing IT headhunting recruiting on and off since Y2K, pre-LinkedIn. Not once has one seasoned IT recruiter leader who runs a full desk ever had a team meeting about pitching a particular candidate. Most staffing agencies need to be more organized, sophisticated, and team-oriented or care enough to be mainlining Adderall to pull off that feat of targeted precision.

If anyone is having an involved meeting about a candidate, it’s Hillary and the team at the DNC deciding how to screw Bernie out of the nomination again. 

Headhunter Writer Liberated, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for making me a Passover Sacrifice, Lord. 

I’m free from an office life plagued by spoiled hags, dumpy dour bores, morose maligned mopes, and edgeless, chameleon brown-noses for hire.

Today, we launch Stand Up Staffer, a one-man Headhunter Writer show and give this remote working staffing revolution one last fighter’s go.

Headhunter Writer liberated Challah; thank you very much. 

I’ve been recruiting top engineering talent since Y2K. 

So, you know I wasn’t born with a vape pen in my mouth yesterday. 

Servicing boring is equal to being enslaved by hacks. 

Headhunter Writer liberated Challah.

Thank you very much.

Your Favorite Headhunter Writer,

Joshua Kornbluth 

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