Canadians Finest

Norm Macdonald called out Hillary’s trail of blood on the View. And lived to dump on Bill Maher for being a blowhard atheist Jew.

Norm Macdonald was effortlessly funny till the end. He’ll go down as the king of sarcastic bend.

Norm Macdonald was a masterful standup at heart. Who relished playing the Canadian Rodney part.

Norm Macdonald’s most important bet was betting on making it as a stand up comedy star. He was SNL’s, funniest Weekend Update host by far.

Norm Macdonald was hilarity personified. Claiming Dave Chappelle could ever match his slow roasting burning wit is a colossal lie.

Norm Macdonald went after OJ at the ESPY’s. Sandler hooked him up with film roles as his favorite underrated bestie.

Norm Macdonald wrote a fine book. Forcing his role model William Faulkner to take a second look.

Norm Macdonald said, “Comedy is where truth meets fiction.” Like calling Joe Biden a bum tenant, who deserves an eviction.

Norm Macdonald never exploited his cancer for cheap, sympathetic laughs. His pure funny ratio compared to hacks on late night required no graph.

Thanks for the laughs Norm. I know you’ll laugh it up with Farley in your new decked comedy dorm.

Michael Kornbluth