Born To Woo

Hi Joe,

Joshua Kornbluth here, Recruitment Parter for the Human Edge, consider me a risk-free hedge.

Why are you experiencing hiring pains?

Is it the time sucking practice of sorting through resumes on weekends away from your friends and kids beyond lame?

Why can’t you find enough qualified candidates?

Is your job description blah that produces nothing but shruggish nah’s?

Why do you keep missing out on the best candidates for the job?

Is it overreliance on coding tests, or having a gun-shy recruiting partner who’s sloppy second best?

Why is your talent pool so shallow?

Does your recruiter watch reality TV shows at night in a permanently flatlined state of fixated wallow.

Is your recruiter not good at wooing?

Do they act immune to booing?

Have you considered removing interview steps?

Interview overkill is the kiss of death.

Only 30 percent of companies can fill roles in 30 days.

I’ll fill your role in 2 weeks.

Aggression pays.

The remaining companies take anywhere from 1-3 months to hire.

How are these hiring partners not getting fired?

Janis Joplin died a rock legend at 27.

I’ll fill your roles faster than it takes Janis to finish a bottle Southern Comfort in rock star heaven.

What special ingredient is missing from your team?

You haven’t worked with Headhunter Writer yet.

Your one-man pitch machine.

What’s preventing you from getting better company into your life?

You just haven’t worked with a recruiter with enough personality yet to woo Mr. Right.

Headhunter Writer excels at flirting with She Pronouns too.

Unlike your middle of the road meh recruiter.

I was born to woo.

Your Favorite Headhunter Writer,

Joshua Kornbluth

Marketing Manifesto Pitch

November 15th, 2022 

Dear Lindsey Smith, 

I want you to represent my book, The Koshertarian Comedians, which tells the inspirational tale of a Stay-At-Home Podcast Comedian who cleans up his act a bit during his year without beer while inspiring his wife and 3 kids to give the Koshertarian Diet a chance. Being married to a punk rocker, who’s also fan of voice driven narratives with some edge, I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to inhale the book whole from start to finish. I shed light on gender issues such as whether Stay at Home Dads can survive disdainful ridicule in between landing their next job eventually. They can’t. Although you’re able to ease the pain of scornful, degrative neglect in between with a little help from your Koshertarian comedian friends. How do I accomplish this miraculous feat exactly? Through earning more respectful impressiveness from the more laughs and yummy dance meal creations I make. All while growing closer to God and my 3 kids in the process for trusting in my God given powers of pleasure making dissemination. 

You’re an ideal audience for The Koshertarian Comedians considering your interests lifestyle, self-help, current events and pop culture references, which my Gen X target audience will understand. I also see you minting a publishing deal for The Koshertarian Comedians because it’s a self-help book about the self-empowering nature of creativity that instills pride of ownership. While also giving you the freedom to improve and perfect, whenever you’re making things with love, even if you’re not getting paid for it yet. Another important message imparted in The Koshertarian Comedians is the importance of not blaming the audience if your joke is a yuck yucker or if your latest dish creation bust is a suck, sucker, which is an important to message to impart among the younger, blame ready generation today.

I close The Koshertarian Comedians with a chapter called Exit Interview Day, which is my daughter’s exit interview from eating a strictly Koshertarian diet at home. Here, I lay the groundwork for a killer sequel, called The Pescatarian Comedians, where I declare to my daughter during our exit interview day, “If soulless shellfish was good enough for Jesus, the original super Jew, then it’s good enough for me.” 

Amazon has no books that are even close to being remotely interesting under the Koshertarian or Pescatarian realm, especially through a highly humorous family man lens. You can change that by selling a book James Beard and Anthony Bourdain wanted to read but never could. 

I’ve produced 136 comedy records over the past 14 months such as Brisket Mom Beater, Not Kosher Baby and the Liverpool Lip. The sales potential for these records sold in the form of audiobooks or E-Books, especially throughout overseas markets such as England, Canada, Australia, India and Israel are enormous. I also wouldn’t mind launching a new podcast platform with me as host called Do It All Coach Dads, which could provide the killer filler for our next best seller together. You can negotiate the digital rights with Spotify in between. 

We could also sell a pilot to HBO for The Pescatarian Comedians, delivering bits of food history, bit by bit involving my star seedlings, myself and other promising actors both old and new. Think Drunk History with a foodie minded twist.

Last, I also have 2 other books to secure six figure deals for, Waste of Height Really Short Stories and United We Laugh, all great titles I know. John Lennon wished he was this productive during his Stay-at-Home Dad Years. 

I resume my IT Headhunter career next Monday to finance self-publishing these book gems if I can’t find a lit agent willing to embrace the wild man leanings of the funniest Koshertarian Comedian who’s ever lived before the new year, God forbid. Because Florida and Anti-Semitism are so hot right now. 

Assuming, I haven’t turned you off with my supreme arrogance, thanks for giving The Koshertarian Comedians a chance.


Michael Kornbluth

Reference Check Girl

Once upon a time, there was a high-energy, constantly-red-in-the-face, yet easily excitable IT agency recruiter in his early twenties from Long Island, Patrick Dublin, who worked for a small staffing agency above Madison Square Garden called Unicorn Staffers.

            Unicorn Staffers specialized in recruiting and placing Unicorn UX Designers, who also did the nitty-gritty back- and front-end coding. They made billion-dollar apps and various new age tech startups come to life, blessed with visionary founders brilliant enough to avoid sexual harassment charges at work by creating in-office innovations such as designing a panic-free, jerkoff-safe space bathroom.

            So, security never had to escort you from the building, legs first, from the bathroom stall, only to knock your head against the mildew-lined walls one more time before hearing the security guard croon, in his best Tom Petty voice, “You don’t come around here no more.” 

            Since the era of #METO began, Unicorn Staffing had to conduct more rigorous background checks with ex-girlfriends for the Unicorn star studs they represented who couldn’t control their urges to whip it out during a Zoom call, despite the Head of Application Development from South Wales, Australia trying to manage unwanted sexual harassment claims at work in a post-virtual meeting, COVID-controlled universe gone cagy nuts by addressing his team of developers and designers with, “Welcome, all. Now, if everyone is going to feel safe during this Zoom meeting, let’s raise all our hands high, where I can see them.            “Please don’t be such a knee-jerk reactionary cunt about it, you Jefferey Toobin wannabes at the New Yorker; thanks.” 

            Sexual harassment was a dirty secret infesting the tech startup world today, even among the biggest tech company in the world, Google, despite most of the employees being too busy banging out to code to actually hit on girls at work while sporting their yenta noise cancellation headphones, in the first place.

            Plus, your typical software command script at Google (or elsewhere) wasn’t “Massage my carpel tunnel, ho.”

            Now Patrick the IT Recruiter is conducting a background check with a 25-year-old, chesty Digital Marketing manager, Lisa, based on her LinkedIn profile picture. She used to date his star candidate (who was awaiting a verbal offer of 145K for a new permanent Creative Technologist Director position with a cannabis lifestyle startup,, from Oakland, CA, that was looking to expand its online digital magazine division here in NYC. It was targeted towards working, functional pothead millennial mousketeers).

            Patrick takes a deep breath, loosens his tie a tad, and gets ready to call Lisa, the Digital Marketing Manager for Hip Hops, a new multi-level old-school hip-hop gastropub club in the East Village. He wants to talk about the extent of her past relationship with his star candidate, whom he’s very proud of connecting with after LinkedIn banned him from the site for sending too many failed connection requests before he enrolled in a Spam A Lot Less Sales Seminar offered by a former power ballad songwriter-for-hire-turned-Life Career-Coach, Michael Rocker.

            Patrick calls and says, “Hi, Lisa. This is Patrick Dublin. I’m an IT recruiter for Unicorn Staffers, and I’m calling you about Max Diesel, who’s being considered for a top Creative Technologist Director position for a cannabis startup,

            “Can I ask you a couple of quick questions about your relationship with Max, in the past?”

            Lisa says, “Yeah, we only hooked up once after meeting at the Windows Expo in downtown LA.

            “It was right around the time Microsoft bought LinkedIn. I was working as a bartender hostess at the event before I met the CEO of Sierra Nevada at that same event, before becoming their Digital Marketing Manager, after I started riffing while making some drinks, insisting that Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA blows all other IPAs out of the water.          “Then I crafted their sentimental-laced campaign for the 30-year anniversary of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, calling it “the pale ale that gets stale.”

            “I conceptualized the guerilla marketing campaign for printing a bunch of bar napkins with love poems on them in honor of first loves; my personal favorite being, “I fell in love with you from the start. You’re my favorite valentine etched on my heart. You made love spill out of me like overflowing treasure. The idea of pounding you again gives me non-stop pleasure. You were my first love, when I didn’t know what that meant. All I knew is that we’re heaven-sent. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, You Never Got Over Us, Did You?

            “So, Max starts flirting with me after I snagged the business card for the CEO of Sierra Nevada, and said, “This is my impersonation of merger talk between Dr. Dre and Eminem after Microsoft paid 4.5 billion for LinkedIn: ‘Hey, Slim, Microsoft paid 4.5 billion for LinkedIn. Eminem says, ‘Worrdddddddddd. LinkedIn lamer than ever yoh.’

            “Personally, Max had me at ‘Hey, Slim’, because he dropped his voice low enough to pull off a semi-decent doctor impersonation.

            “Hey, did you know Hitler’s birthday is on 420? Puffing the bong to more Tuff Gong never felt so wrong. I haven’t felt this betrayed since Sly Stallone snuck Mel Gibson into Expendables 3.        “So, to answer your question, I hooked up with Max on the dance floor sky bar in West Hollywood later that night, but then Frans Drescher from The Nanny caught his interest, and I never heard from him again.

            “He left me a business card and said we should stay in touch through LinkedIn, which I’ve never got over, completely, especially knowing how I got interested in hooking up with Max only after he dumped on LinkedIn in the first place.”

            Patrick finally interrupts Lisa, trying to be as diplomatic as possible, afraid of blowing his potential nine-grand commission tip in the making, and says, “Well, Max thought enough of you to list you as reference for ex-girlfriends, to a conduct a background check to assess his sexual harassment factor risk at

            “Did Max ever touch you on the dance floor too aggressively, at the Sky Bar?”

            Lisa says, “Hell no. I’m the one who shoved his hand up my skirt. I told him my panties were packed in my purse and we could go skinny dipping at this house in the hills that my friend was house-sitting for. It’s next to Roman Polanski’s old house (he’s a serially underrated rapist compared to Cosby, in my book. I still don’t understand how they pulled the Roseanne show off the air, yet have no problem showing ads for Ambien between replays of the Cosby Show, on syndication on Nick at Night).”

            Patrick says, “You’re really funny. Why are you doing wasting your time doing digital content marketing for a living?”

            Lisa says, “I’m too sexy for stand-up, Patrick. Sara Silverman and Chelsea Handler twenty years ago were never in my league of looks.

            “Also, I don’t see myself posting endless naked pics of myself, like Chelsea Handler, with another book in hand to showcase my social justice warrior-reading credo to downplay the world from my tits’ sagging popularity in the process, either.”

            Patrick says, “So, if called you tomorrow to ask you if Max was a sexual assault liability in the making, what would your response be, exactly?”

             Lisa says, “That all depends on you, Patrick. Do you like old school hip-hop like most old school wigger Irish dudes from Long Island?”

            Patrick says, “How do you know I’m from Long Island?”

            Lisa says, “I already looked you up on LinkedIn. You’re cute. Why don’t we wrap this interview up at Hip Hops, later tonight?

            “I crafted the playlist. I’m playing only old school rap, myself. It’s flush with songs by Biggie, Nas, and even Snoop. Who cares if Snoop’s brain hovers a notch below Porn Hood Hell?” 

            “My exact measurements are 36d; my pic on LinkedIn doesn’t give my balling beauties justice.”         Patrick thinks to himself, “I better learn how to code, because that safe space room to get my whack on can’t come soon enough.”

Michael Kornbluth

The Greatest State Motto Reset Ever

I think it’s time to reset America’s 50 State Mottos to match these progressive minded times, starting with Vermont, “The Green State”, which should be changed to “CBD Oil Only.” Bernie Sanders couldn’t even make Vermont great for Pot Heads on vacation.

Delaware should change it’s motto to, “Your Nazi Gold Is Safe With Us.”

Nebraska, “You’re Fired Bruce. I Will No Longer Call You The Most Boss With Unquestioned Authority. Move To Australia Once The Supreme Court Rules President Trump As The Clear Victor Among The Millions And Millions, Who Weren’t Caught With Their Hands In The Ballot Boxes Stuffing In More Votes For Liver Spot Littered Joe.”

New Hampshire, “Eat More Edibles And Fade Away.”

Kentucky, “United We Stand With Nick Sandman.”

West Virginia, “Alec Baldwin Thinks He’s Better Than You.”

Arkansas, “Hillary Hammer Time Cankles Isn’t Fooling Shit.”

North Dakota, “Liberty And Union Sitting In A Tree, But If BLM Is In Town To Chant Fry Piggy, Piggy, Fry, Chances Are You’re Packing, So You’re Not As Inclined To Flee.”

Massachusetts, “Self Hating Jew Town USA.”

Hawaii, “Fuck Surf music and Mike Love To.”

Alabama, “Where Have You Gone Josh Lucas?”

New Mexico, “Were Good Enough For Val Kilmer.”

South Carolina, “Spanish Moss Rules Everything Around Us.”

Wyoming, “Trigger Free Star County.”

Tennessee, “More Sweet Tea Dear.”

Oregon, “Tracks Of Tear Gas Tears.”

Mississippi, “The Delta Force of Rock.”

Colorado, “I Can’t Breath And This Incredibly Strong Dispensary Grade Weed Isn’t Helping.”

Rhode Island, “BLM is Coming For Our Mansion Museums 1st.”

Pennsylvania, “Amish Lives Matter If You’re Amish.”

Georgia, “Dr. King Was Inspired By Zionist Jews CNN.”

New York, “Not So Jew Friendly Anymore.”

Minnesota , “911 Is A Joke, EY!”

Texas, “Bad Assess For A Reason.”

Oklahoma, “Labor Conquers Watching The Corn Grow with all the Children of the Corn Tweaked Out On Crystal Meth These Days.”

Iowa,  “World Renown Short Story College Workshop.”

Connecticut, “The New, New York.”

South Dakota, “Dead Presidents On My Mind.

Virginia, ” George Washington’s Bitch.”

Kansas, “Danny Manning Could’ve Been The Black Larry Bird.”

Ohio, “Big Ten Beauties On Top Galore.”

New Jersey, “Born In Anthony Bourdain’s Hometown.”

Michigan, “Kid Rock Country.”

North Carolina, “Beauty Queens Bliss.”

Missouri, “Sultry Southern Comfort.”

Louisiana, “Give Me Some, Swamp, Swamp music.”

Montana, “Bigger Than Japan According To Wikepedia”

Illinois  “Birthed The Belushi Brothers.

Idaho “Potato Farmers Slinging Mad Weight To McDonanld’s B.

Washington  “Nirvana For Grunge Music For A While.”

Florida, “Gotta Love It.”

Wisconsin  “Cold Cow Country.”

Maine “Bar Harbor is Our Left Bank Bitches.”

Arizona, “Desert Bliss.”

Nebraska, “You’re Fired Bruce. I Will No Longer Call You The Most Boss With Unquestioned Authority. Move To Australia Once The Supreme Court Rules President Trump As The Clear Victor Among The Millions And Millions, Who Weren’t Caught With Their Hands In The Ballot Boxes Stuffing In More Votes For Liver Spot Littered Joe.”

Indiana, “Larry The Legend Still Lives Here.

Alaska, “Inhaling Salmon Long Time.”

Utah, “Pristine Air.”

Maryland  “Play Me Some Terrapin Station.”

California “Criminally Insane In The Membrane.”

Michal Kornbluth

Made In Wuhan

Biden mandated that no US government employee can call COVID 19, The China Virus or the Wu-Flu. I prefer to call it, Our Country Is Shit Out Of Luck Club.

If we the people, let the CDC, the WHO and Fuck Face Fauci dictate whether America becomes China’s masked bitch for life.

What did they call COVID behind closed doors at the Department of Homeland Security before Biden got his nappy in a bunch over so called hate speech? Biological Warfare falls under the Department of Agriculture.

What did fat ass William Barr call the COVID virus when he was in charge of destroying what credibility remained within the Department Of Justice? Ain’t No Thing, But Poisoned Peeking Duck On A String.

What did the Department of Defense say about the COVID 19 behind closed doors before Biden’s shut up and don’t rat on the Chinse mandate began? That’s what Americans get for electing a President who didn’t start any major new wars under his watch, who finally gave Vets the hospital service they deserve? Who ordered the US military to crush ISIS in the same time it takes Jared Kushner to blow a load in Ivanka whenever she talks dirty to him in Mandarin on his birthday again.

What did the Department of Veteran Affairs call the COVID Virus before Biden thought he possessed the authority to tell our vets how to label the real enemy behind the new red scare 2.0? Lebron and Nike sitting in a Chinese Maple Tree, SUCKING.

Crypto For Kids

Explaining crypto to my kids.

Remember when Samuel blew 1 million dollars’ worth of energy drinks in Toca Boca on Arthur’s account with digital tokens he worked hard to amass. Now, imagine those digital tokens were worth one million dollars in real life. That’s what cryptocurrency is, it’s tokens used to buy stuff in Toca Boca in real life. Plus, cryptocurrency isn’t controlled by the one world new order, including the Rothchild’s family, who control the Federal Reserve and all the banks in the North Pole to. Big Mouth Moses lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Gum King Of New York

Hop-O-Rama Chew gives you something to chew on besides hopolicious gum in the form of a new expression designed to add a brighter glint to your eye and greater bounce to your step.

Daily Nugget of Wisdom:

Beer Bellies give self-love a bad name.

Hop-O-Rama Swami knows best, Challah, Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth