Hamilton Is Worse Than Obama Rapping

Wife says, “The Hamilton soundtrack is so good.” I say, “I prefer Martin Lawrence making fun of white voices, between his customary, banging, slaying flow on Def Comedy Jam. Also, there’s no Public Enemy menace, when these black guys rap. It’s like hearing what our founding fathers sounded like if Don Lemon could sell an English accent with a smidgen of Shakespearian soul.  But I’m positive you blaring the Hamilton soundtrack has nothing do with your interior rah, rah, for ANTIFA punks burning Portland and Seattle to the ground because they never outgrew their pyro phase in elementary school.  Last, Hillary Hammer Time Cankles, referencing Hamilton during her debate against Trump is more elitist than Spike Lee’s Louie the 14th matters Chandelier in his 3 floor townhouse on the Upper East Side, to put his white financier pals at JP Morgan at ease.

Michael Kornbluth