The Boomer Grandparent Generation

Facebook has made Baby Boomers the most hands-off grandparent generation of all time. Lifting a finger is liking a picture on Facebook. If my kids have a sleepover with Mimi, she crashes before my 3 kids do, conserving her energy for whenever her favorite  son bangs out a kid of his own eventually.

Michael Kornbljth


Whatever Works Woody

Did anyone see Woody Allen’s last film about an older than dirt creep, who bangs a girl half his age? I think it was prequel called, Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Early Years.

Did you know Woody Allen kept naked polaroid pics of a 9-year old Soon-Yee in his top sock drawer? The only pic missing was Soon-Yi crying on the cover of Time Life Magazine.

Also, if Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra’s son, and he really believes Woody molested his kid sister Dylan, then why hasn’t Mia Farrow’s son hired a goon from Hoboken to knock Woody Allen on his ass yet?

Michael Kornbluth