Go Woke Yourself

What message is the NBA sending when they suspend an NBA Announcer for the Sacramento Kings who tweets, all lives matter, even the the ones who sport Tighty Whitey’s, Weber?  The King of the Persecution Complex Lebron James, doesn’t approve of this one love message, anti black supremacist message.

Trump deploys the National Guard to D.C and Ice Cube wonders whether Trump will be the first president to nuke a US city?  Call me crazy, but I think somebody is tripping from smoking too much angel dust homes.   Yeah, I’m sure Trump scrapped the nuke gifting deal to Iran to nuke Encino into the stone age instead.

Tear Gas used on looters, rioters, arsonists and cop killers are weapons of mass destruction now?  Trump sending tweets to De-Blasio encouraging him to use the National Guard aren’t working because he cares too much about his daughter maintaining her social justice street cred.

Blaming the police for escalating tension as our cities burn is like blaming Russians for Black Lives Matter MOLOTOV cocktails made with Stoli vodka.

Keith Ellison downplaying his son’s gushing, wholehearted endorsement of ANTIFA on Twitter after they become declared a terrorist organization. ANTIFA didn’t land on George Floyd’s neck.  Also, there’s no evidence ANTIFA is behind these violent protests. Everyone wears a mask now.

Police taking the knee with protesters is an admission of all cops still down with buying Nike jump suits no matter what.

Seth Rogan going off on all his Twitter followers for tweeting Black Lives Matter. It’s not my fault no black people are in my films besides the guy from Hot Tub Machine.  Kevin Heart was in one for a second, before he blew up past ever needing a handout from Judd Apatow ever again. I smoke weed. I hang with Snoop. You think Snoop’s brain hovers a notch below porn hood hell. Well, go woke yourself.


Michael Kornbluth