Carlin Wouldn’t Have Aged Well Today

I’m glad George Carlin died when he did, because chances are he would’ve been another glaringly unoriginal, Trump resistor comic on the rag, which would be twice as depressing, knowing The Donald is the most anti-war President we’ve ever had, whose not apart of the military industrial complex club, which he spent the entirety of his stand-up comedy career decrying against. And what was George Carlin so bitter about towards the twilight of his career, knowing his daughter wasn’t even given her own satellite radio show on Sirius yet, to bore other stand-ups during interviews about their craft through sheer osmosis? Carlin was a working headliner for 5 decades at this point, which was more than you can for Lenny Bruce who died a broke junkie, defending himself, who couldn’t even afford the coffin he got buried in which Milton Berle paid for of all people. Plus, Carlin wasn’t hurting for cash in his late sixties and could’ve afforded to bang out some more kids to overcompensate for his dead-weight conversationalist of a daughter to brighten up his crabbier days, when hearing about tsunamis on CNN, wiping out large swaths of innocent life became his go to form of entertainment.

Michael Kornbluth