The Hunchback of Open Borders Fame

Biden on why he’s running for President.

German Prime Minster, Angela Merkel begged me to run.

She can’t bear the brunt of open borders on those mushed shoulder pads alone.

All the W massages in the world, can’t undo those back knots of her country’s grave digging despair.

Michael Kornbluth

Know Your Role Obama Be Good

Obama says, “We need to be a more accepting culture.” You mean like accepting President Trump is still your President Obama Be Good? Despite your efforts to spy on his campaign with the hope of digging up dirt on your political rival in the name of opposition research, in addition to your working knowledge of the DNC paid for golden shower tale involving Trump and 2 Russian hookers, despite The Donald being a notorious germaphobe and your alleged case of sexual blackmail having less legs than Lieutenant Dan.  Also, ex Presidents know their role and shut the fuck up about the job performance of their replacement period, yet Obama keeps on yapping, defending his fake news good legacy and can’t shut up. 

Michael Kornbluth