Big City Baby

Heard this, Alexa?

I tell the pirate jokes Alexa.

What letters to Pirates favor?

Z’s, after passing out from drinking too many Captain and Coke’s again.

Little kid at my son’s pre-K said, “That’s too funny.”

I said, “Thanks for my next comedy record title kid, although I prefer Big City Baby.”

Challah, Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Cling On Cheesy

Even Jeff Bezos sends dick picks to his lover now. I hear he’s bulgy but his new lover used to be married to Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Tony Gonzalez. So happy denting, AJAX Man.  For a man of his intelligence, I just expected better texting skills than a younger Kristen Stewart. He texted, “I love you. I will show with my lips.”  His wooing skills don’t sound too cling on cheesy.  Plus, there’s now way Jeff Bezos tastes, good, Ben Shapiro included.

Michael Kornbluth


The Religious Scholar

Remember when we took out the number 2 in charge of ISIS and the Washington Post the next day lionized the Terrorist ringleader as a “religious scholar”? And Judd Apatow is the Chief Happiness Officer for Breitbart. Actually, he was a virgin fantasy pushing loser, who couldn’t get sucked off in a Chicago bathhouse during Arafat appreciation day.

Michael Kornbluth