Fuck Face Fauci

Fuck Face Fauci says kids might not be able to safely return to school in the fall because a vaccine isn’t developed yet. Call me crazy, but I don’t see Bill Gates sweating it. What are Fuck Face Fauci’s accomplishments again? Besides being a head financier of the Wuhan Lab, China’s gimp in Armani, main new accelerator of Trump Derangement Syndrome, bat shit crazy, wet market conspiracist, Tiger King’s ass plug if he ever get’s out of the slammer through executive order by Trump, just for shits and giggles. After Trump ensures Tiger King makes amends and makes him a DEA agent to go under cover and bust every crystal meth kiddie porno ring throughout Nebraska and Oklahoma sooner than later.

Fuck Face Fauci doesn’t think our kids will be able to start school again in the Fall. Doesn’t this little Gnocchi realize the DOJ is unmasking all the Obama administration traitors who illegally spied on Trump’s campaign, framed his NSA advisor Flynn and have Durham on their tail with criminal indictments up the wazoo for lying about being. blissfully unaware about their bullshit Russian collusion investigation with less legs than Lieutenant Dan? Well, duh, he’s buying time for Obama to brush up on his native Kenyan.

Like Fuck Face Fauci gives a shit about the safety of children. He owns a pharma company with Bill Gates but Bill Gates’s Dad headed Planned Parenthood, responsible for the death of more ages of innocence than Rob Reiner’s open casting calls for Stand By Me.

I’ve done some homeschooling on my own, including today. But am I asking too much of my kids’ teacher to dress up for their morning message video? It’s not like they’re wearing no makeup, but the Velour jumpsuit is in poor taste and doesn’t scream, in it to win it, unless you’re the sloppy third Kardashian sister, who get’s away with it, but not really. Aren’t my kids teachers still getting paid in full? For posting a daily 2-minute message every morning, that’s normally them piggy backing off something trending on Twitter. Like what’s special about today? That’s right, it’s Star Wars Day. Twitter for elementary school teachers today is the new cliff notes.

No school for a year. Good, I’ll be able to write Do It All Dad Does Home Hebrew Schooling, teach my kids how to speak fluent Hebrew and leave open the possibility of me seducing an Israeli super model to make sure Mama remains on her best behavior.

Go ask China is racist? Did Trump ask the reporter to ask China why Jet Lee’s voice always sounds like he got kicked into he nuts one too many times by Lucy Lui?

These days, Bitcoin is worth less than Chelsea Handler’s tits sagging popularity.

Fuck face Fauci says it’s cavalier to think children are immune to the Corona Virus. Spoiled, whiny bitches like Chris Cuomo don’t count?

Got to love Bryan Adams freaking out on Instagram about Wet Markets for ruining his planned performance at Royal Albert Hall tonight, because he hasn’t had hit since Meg Ryan fucked up her face.

Also, any message on Instagram starting with, “It’s been great hanging out with my family, BUT”, means I’m not as Richard Marx sappy as you think.

Michael Kornbluth