NBA Series Ideas for Bleacher Report


Made for Manhattan

Hall of Fame Clyde Frazier is hired as the new Team President for the New York Knicks to make the Mecca of Basketball Eden again, where he mobilizes all of Knicks legends still alive to sell future draft picks and free agent signings to sell them on why winning in the Big Apple matters most.


LaVar Ball Dad Camp

La Var Ball runs a coach dad contest during the summer league in Las Vegas with a massive sign in fee of ten thousand dollars per head. The winner gets to follow LaVar Ball for a whole month for a Do It All Dad seminar for coach dads to learn from the best big baller coach dad entrepreneur in the Universe.


Social Justice League

A group of NY based celebs form a coup against Knicks owner James Dolan, yet things get testy when Chaz Palminteri wants to focus their social justice cause to remove Mayor De Blasio from office, insisting the losing culture of the Garden stems from Gracie Mansion instead.



Charles Oakley opens a comedy club car wash outside Madison Square to thumb his nose at Knicks owner James Dolan restraining order against him and hires John Sally as the MC and on the Marquee outside is a perpetual sign that reads in bright lights, Sell The Knicks Dolan.


White Men Can’t Sell Jumping Pills

Rex Chapman and Bobby Sura launch a pharma startup in Silicon Alley in Manhattan, based on a breakthrough drug that just passed FDA testing, offering a hybrid, stem cell, replication pill, sold to cure white man’s disease.



Bill From Greenwich, CT

Is a series about a podcast show hosted by a know it all,  NBA basketball commentator from Greenwich, CT who wears nothing but a brand new white polo shirt to work every day, literally,  wearing his white privilege on a sleeve, after using his trust fund to fund his own sports podcast franchise, from his baller mansion in Greenwich, CT to make fun of pampered, socially media obsessed, fundamental weak, millennial musketeer basketball players for a living. But now he must host his show from jail with Craig Carton, who gets a transfer from Gen Pop for good behavior to a minimum security prison, where Martha Stewart did her time for insider trading, after Bill gets arrested for falling behind on child custody payments after becoming the Shawn Kemp of sports podcast radio.


If These Man Purses Could Talk

Is a new  animated NBA series, which focuses on the fashionista subculture of the NBA, from the perspective of talking Gucci purses, which players like King James parade before game time warm ups and on their Instagram to please their gay hip hop mafia handlers, whose goal is to feminize the league into WNBA in their fabulous, glam nerd image.


Harlem Globetrotters Go Broke

The Harlem Globetrotters assisted living home can’t pay their rent anymore due the rising prices because the area is being gentrified at an accelerated rate. Plus, the younger generation of Harlem Globetrotters can’t even sell out games since the emergence of YouTube and parents already familiar with their tied crowd work routines, tying up most of the action anyway. So, a private equity firm lead, by Puff Daddy and Uptown records, takes over the Harlem Globetrotters brand, and assisted living home, for Harlem Globe Trotters to make it all the Harlem Globetrotters feel great about beating up on whitey on the Washington Generals again.


Amare’s Fountain of Youth   

Ex Knick Amare achieves incredible success, becoming the first ever, owner, coach, player to lead his professional Israeli basketball premier league the Black Hebrew Hammers to win the league championship. But now his vision from while floating in the Red Sea is to open a basketball youth camp for younger Palestinians to eventually compete in their league and inspire other Palestinian Hoop dreams along the way.


Where Have You Gone John Starks?

John Starks is burnt out playing a hand greeter for James Dolan’s Knicks and decides to partner with a Gen x Sports Agent Producer Michael Kornbluth from CAA. to form a new CBA league alternative to attending college, orchestrating an expedition against the New York Knicks on News Years Day.


Michael Kornbluth